Who Wants Bush in Miami?


He wants to be with the Saints huh?
Because this right here…

When most Dolphins’ fans went to sleep Wednesday night, the names dancing through their heads likely included Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton and Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw.
By Thursday morning, they’ll be able to prepare to see a different name dancing through their backfield: Running back Reggie Bush.
Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland grinded into the early morning Thursday, surpassing 2 a.m. as he and agent Joel Segal hammered out details of a trade that would potentially send Bush to the Dolphins, sources told the Miami Herald.
Ireland had not yet pulled the trigger on the deal in the middle of the night, and Bush still would have the option to accept the renegotiated terms of the contract, but everyone was headed in the right direction, sources said.
Ireland eventually wanted to sleep on the possibility, meaning the trade isn’t likely to be finalized until a more reasonable hour Thursday morning. The two teams agreed on their terms for the trade, but the contract negotiations remained the outstanding issue.
The Saints were planning to eventually release Bush because of a contract that owed him $11.8 million in base salary and bonuses. Once New Orleans selected running back Mark Ingram in the first round of April’s draft, Bush’s eventual departure became all the more clear.
But before New Orleans was to part ways, the team first began testing the waters to see if it could gain some compensation from an organization wishing to avoid a competition for his services. Ireland decided to make the move.
The Herald’s sources did not disclose the exact compensation of the potential deal because the trade was not yet finalized, but it is not expected to be an early-round pick. Instead, the true challenge remains getting Bush to agree to the restructured contract.
Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, who first reported that Miami and New Orleans had agreed to terms for a trade, said the deal was contingent on Bush agreeing to a new contract with the Dolphins. He could choose to return to New Orleans at a reduced rate.
As of early Thursday morning, that did not appear to be a major obstacle, and Bush seemed willing to make the move, sources said.
Should the trade be consummated, the Dolphins would acquire a dynamic player they hope will provide the lightning to rookie Daniel Thomas’ thunder. Bush would also provide a much-needed threat in the return game.
In five years, Bush rushed 524 times for 2,090 yards. He caught 294 passes for 2,142 yards and scored 29 touchdowns combined on offense.
Bush, though, has struggled at times to stay healthy. Only once – his rookie season in 2006 – was he able to complete a full 16-game season. Last year, he played in just eight games and rushed for 150 yards because of a broken right fibula.
In 2007, he tore his posterior cruciate ligament. In 2008, he tore his meniscus. And in 2009, he suffered a bruised knee. All three injuries required him to miss two or more weeks.
But Bush’s ability to provide a big-play threat are also well documented. Bush was a favorite of Saints coach Sean Payton, who is very close friends with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano.
The decision to make a trade for Bush would very likely end any potential interest in Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw. It also would likely draw an end to the careers of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in Miami.
Both Brown and Williams are currently free agents.
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 Seems like someone will be getting a lot of BUSH once he steps foot in Miami.
I know a few Vixens already reupholstering  their pussies for Reggie’s arrival.
Mark Ingram must have put that fear in his heart LOL
I really want Reggie to get it right because ever since he was laying his pipe in that vapid bitch….

…he been all wrong.

Let’s hope this new move helps him. 

Some videos of the Bush…





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14 thoughts on “Who Wants Bush in Miami?”

  1. sam :
    Hell no Bestbook!! The Giants are winning da Superbowl!!

    That’s right! I forgot you’re a New Yorker, but still the Saints goin all the Way! Saints goin all the way. Oh I believe! Oh I believe!!!

    Did you get a chance to check out them places?

    1. Delusions Of Grander. It’s gona be a black and gold superbowl again… Hand me my umbrella

  2. Reggie is fine as shit but he was an inconsistent presence on the Saints squad. He hasn’t played a full seasin since his rookie year!! I regret that I never met him since I live in N’awlins, but oh well.. bring on da new trades!

    1. I agree. Bangin body, but too fragile for football. Maybe the change will do both parties well. I’d wanna hit, but iont think he likes chocolate all that much…

  3. As a N.O saints fan I say good let him go he was always hurt and had 2 good years. He may do good I’m Miami he may suck but that for the dolphins to deal with now. So let me get my black and gold ready for this season

  4. I’m sorry but I can’t respect any man that dates a woman RAY J pissed on. Plus she can’t fuck.

    He can still get it, but something definitely isn’t right in his head. Furthermore, I don’t find black men who aren’t attracted to black women attractive, it’s just often very telling of them to me.

  5. tajan :
    Im sure he will appreciate all the non black exotic beauties that the city seems to attract

    I was born and raised in the MIA and that is DEAD ON! Black women there are often completely overlooked for the fysh of Hispanic origin. And if you are black and you’re not light skin, forget it. You’ll find a very frightening amount of black men who have not and will not date someone who’s parents’ native tongue isn’t Spanish or Portuguese.

  6. This dude is gorgeous, and has a great body, but he just never did it for me. Its just something about him that says he is a asshole, I may be wrong since I dont personally know him, but certain people in the public eye give me pause and he is one of them. I think Miami with the glitz and faux glamour would be a good fit fo him, and Im sure he will appreciate all the non black exotic beauties that the city seems to attract, as well as all the celebrities who call it home.

  7. Boo this is worst than Lebron James massacre. Leave the N.O. for Miami. Pathetic! Aw well! Life goes on!

  8. Someone’s status today: “I don’t smoke it…but ill take Reggie Bush !!!! Let’s Go Phins!!!”

    The excitement is brewing.

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