Lay Down Some Rubber (6)

Chad Johnson A.K.A Chad Ochocinco

Devin Thomas

Battle between the Attention Ho and the Attention Ho In Training Camp

…but if could only choose ONE,
who would you lay down some rubber for?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (6)”

      1. Just off these pics alone, to me it seems like Ocho is oozing confidence, especially the first one. That smirk says, “I’m about to break yo ass in.” 🙂 All three pics from Ocho say I’m alive, while Devin’s pic just say where’s the camera?

  1. Eh Chad does nothing for me. I’ve seen him in person and he looks like a strong crackhead to me. I like his skin tone though.

    Devin all the way. He reminds me of that pornstar Sarge. If you don’t know who that is you’re losing in life!

  2. Chad cuz I think he’d be more fun & adventurous both inside AND outside the bedroom — and he probably has better booty. Plus Iont like tattoos like that & Devin is just too…’pretty.’ Though I wouldn’t kick either one out for real for real; baller azz is baller azz…lol

  3. I would lye Chad have me any way posable he looks more fun and out going. He seems te type to go on a date and have fun. Devin I fine a well but he prob does have the pretty dude mentality you know look at me give me money and let me play with your emotions while I have 6 more in different sexes an colors. But like yngblkwolf said I wouldn’t throw either out the bed

  4. Sarge is a ver sexy bottom boy…If I’m thinking of the right person…him or someone pretending to be him sent me a private vid on xtube. Stocky muscular guy. Juicy booty. His sexual position is ambiguous upon first glance, and I like that in a bottom…BUT not in the same league as Devin.imo…This man is jus pretty. Nuthin like a pretty face staring up at you from betwixt yo legs…If you ugly…Eyes down…Just focus on the knob…No peaking…

  5. This is the most difficult decision of my life, but i’d gotta go with Chad just cause Devin seems like too much of a prettyboi, probably don’t wanna mess up his hair or anything like that , not to mention after droppin all the weight and waxin off his eyebrows i see Devin in a whole different way .

  6. I don’t think skin color is going to be the deciding factor in all of this. I couldn’t go off of looks because they’re both equally fine in their own right. So based on personality… I’d have to say Devin. He seems like the type who probably doesn’t require much effort and supervision whereas Chad felt the need to get his own reality show. I don’t see this prettyboy thing everyone else is mentioning? It must be Devin’s hair texture and skin color people are equating it to because Devin does NOT dress up often if you go through his pictures and was willing to cut off his hair and eyebrows. I’d say chad is more of a pretty boy and requires a lot of mirror time and you’ll be upset when he pushes you out the way to get a glimpse of his reflection in a window.

    Devin just seems like he’s low maintenance.

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