Ron Artest’s Angry Little Man

Damn Ron…
Anyway lol…

Are we ready to peep some baller penis???

but you know you gonna check it anyway…

So that is the little fucker?
I..I am a little disappointed.
I always thought Ron would have been packing some HEAT.
Maybe it needs to be blown to start a full on blaze?

Ron got caught up in a little sexting and the whore blasted him.

Can’t say that I am not surprised.
We live in a new era of chatty Kathys…
…but this plus his little man made for good lunch time comedy.


 Now I see why that little fucker is mad.
His owner is really impatient.
His texts are a snooze fest on his part.
I could NOT partake in a sext session with Ron.
Nigga would bore me to tears.

Why does this scene remind me of this scene: 


Still love ya Ron.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Ron Artest’s Angry Little Man”

  1. I need to see a better picture with it laid out straight. LOL I won’t hate until i see an accurate portrayal without an angle….. Anyways he is still somethin nice to look at. Oh well, back to lookin at dhani jones and michael vick

  2. I’m gonna throw a flag on the play…
    A) Why are those tweets not on his timeline?
    B) Look at the pic of his hands around that basketball, now look at the pic of the hand around the penis, now look back at me…Naw but seriously…Long skinny fingers on the basketball, short plump fingers on the penis…Case closed. Some woman may have pics of him, and he may have tweeted that, but I doubt this is the pic. Usually when Mediat shows peen pictures, they blur them. So why full throttle here? Cuzz it aint real? Probably…

  3. Yeah I saw deadspin in his twitter mentions dating back to yesterday when I was looking for RTs of those alleged tweets up above. I figured they posted it first. Whatever. I’m done with this case,,,,and tired of playing detective, obviously I need to get a life…

  4. What he lacks in dick, he more than makes up in ass. Quiet is kept, Ron has a donk. As a Wolf, I don’t give a shit about his dick.

    1. Now this is true – Ron-Ron has quite the nice azz, so I wouldn’t care that much about his cock…though I’d still be disappointed if I wanted to suck it…*shrug*

  5. It just something about Ron Artest crazy ass that drives me crazy, I have had a crush on this dude for years, he is just so sexy to me. I am going to go with the notion that this is not real, because I cant mess up my fantasy and that thing looks diseased–yuck!

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