I Got It All Around My Mouth

tumblr_mgulhmoAQQ1rmia5bo1_500_largei could just die tonight.
simply drop dead and die.
okay fine.
i’m being dramatic as fuck,
but i’m really in my feelings right now…

so tonight i was supposed to go to an event michael strahan is hosting.
he was debuting his new fashion line to special guests.
unnamedone of my favorite home-vixens,
who is in the industry like myself,
invited me to go with her.
i’m trying to start to do more industry events this fall/winter.
i’m ready to get back into the forests of industry outings.

lets rewind a little…

i was taking these muthafuckas pills here:


nature’s made “hair skin & nails”.

i was also taking a gnc “mega men” multi vitamin was well.
i stopped taking fish oil to try the nature made.
well i noticed my body started going crazy.
i felt “off”.
the crazy part is that i started to break out with painful cyst acne.
it was in the worst place ever:


tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400it looked like i have herpes.
i know i don’t because:

a) i haven’t had a dick in or around my mouth in a while
b) my physical std results came back negative

my whole face hurt because they were so painful.
i tried damn near every face wash to get rid of them.
i started to research online because i couldn’t figure out wtf…
now before this,
my face was super clear.
i found out through sniffing around,
and talking to one of my people,
that the biotin in the pills was probably too much.
it causes painful cyst acne around the mouth and chin.

so i threw the pills away asap.
that was like 2 weeks ago.
as soon as i stopped,
the bumps started going down.
the only issue is they always have noticeable pus in them.
i know.

well fast forward today…

why did my entire mouth break out in cold sores today?
like it looks horrible.
they also hurt when i try to move my mouth.
you know it looks bad when honest folks gotta tell you.
so here i was,
dressed real fly,
and i had to cancel on something i was really looking forward to.
i wanted to write about it,
as well as try to slip michael my number.
you know…
for “business” purposes.
tumblr_mm4ldty5di1qal3lwo1_400i’m not going to network with industry people with my mouth looking crazy.

not happening.

i ran out my job to go get carmex.
i don’t know if thats gonna work tho.
i look like i’m having a bad herpes outbreak.
i’m so embarrassed.
i don’t know what i did to deserve this.

lowkey: can i sue?
the only thing that ever broke me out this bad was centrium.
my people said i have to wait for it to get out my system.
like how the fuck long is that going to take?

30 thoughts on “I Got It All Around My Mouth

  1. i think you may have had an allergic reaction to it…maybe one of the active ingredients in it caused an issue. Those vitamins are 100% natural they have other things in them, see if you can find the nutrients that you were aiming to get from the vitamin from a natural food or something so that way you wont have to worry about the other ingredients in the vitamins that caused the breakout….

  2. Baking Soda to Get Rid of Cystic Acne
    baking soda is one of the best remedies for cystic acne. It works by pulling out the excessive oil from the pores as well as exfoliating the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Most importantly, baking soda also fights off bacteria to relieve you from infection. When you apply baking soda to your skin, you will feel as if it is drawing out something from there. It will also tighten your pores and make your skin feel smoother.
    Get this:
    Equal parts of:
    Baking soda
    Cucumber juice (optional, if your skin is too sensitive)- 2-3 tsp
    Do this:
    Mix baking soda and water.
    If you have sensitive skin, you can add cucumber juice to this to counter the sting and have a soothing feel.
    Wash off your face with a mild soap and water to clean it properly.
    Apply baking soda mask to your face or wherever you have acne cysts.
    Wait for 5-10 minutes.
    Wash off with water.
    Repeat twice a day.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that Jamari. I read that some supplements can make you break out because they are detoxing your body/skin. Some of my friends have experienced it as well. I would recommend drinking more water than you normally do. Nearly double or triple the amount. Also, do some research on Clindamycin Phosphate topical solution (it also comes in a gel or cream.) My friend took it and she told me It only took a week to get a noticeable result.

  4. My friend was taking Biotin to make her hair grown faster. She said it worked wonders for her hair but broke her out terribly. She had to stop using it.

  5. Boyyyyy! I’ve so been where you are, I’ve taken pills like those only to find out the biotin was braking me out like crazy and since I have always had an uphill battle with acne it made it worse.

    I use to use face washes with salicylic acid and thought they were doing good for my skin but the acne took forever to go away , then I switch to products with benzoyl peroxide And my skin has bottom ALOT better, so maybe you should check out with ingredients are in the wages you are using.

    As for the pus( which are mostly whiteheads) the only product that has dried them out for me is the Mario Badescu drying lotion. It’s like 20 dollars and you dab it on the pus filled pimples overnight and they are dried out by morning or at least down in size. You should be able to find it at Ulta store or any department store.

    You could trying steaming some water , pouring it into a big bowl get a towel and steam your face. That way the steam will pop those pimples and let the pus out.

    Sorry you’re going through the this, I’ve had pimples on place where it just looked like I didn’t give any kind of damn. Rooting for you

    1. ^like the ones around my mouth hurt.
      i feel like calling out tomorrow.
      i put benzoyl peroxide on them so I hope they will go down.
      i usually use salicylic acid products because that only helps with my skin.

      the thing is whatever is happening with these bumps,
      they aren’t going down with anything!
      im frustrated because my skin has gone haywire.

      1. I guess it depends if you have a dermatologist they can give you a shot of cortisone on the pimps to string them really fast in like a day.

  6. …not to mention i come home every night,
    sometimes late and i’m tired,
    to update and put up something…

    …and i’m the man of excuses?
    oh “the fuck” k.

      1. I definitely was, he needs to get it together. Since this work wolf saga he has not been playing with a full deck. I call it like I see it. A spade is a spade.

      2. Well sometimes sarcasm cannot be caught off a text. The guy calls him out for taking it to heart but goes on a rant about “everything he’s done for him” why was it necessary to take drastic measures and go there? It’s not like he disrespected him he asked a simple question but ooook….

      3. Will johnson, I say what I want when I get ready. Mind your business ok? He called me out, so I returned the favor. Overall as of late, I am tired of your guys questioning me all the time, and now Jamari is doing it and I have an issue with it. When a person questions me, I have a right to remind them who has had their back. If you guys not like what I say, keep your negative comments to yourself, period. Men in this life and so sensitive and take offense to every little thing, it is silly to me. We are all grown men, lets act like it. Also , people need to stop inserting themselves in shit that has nothing to do with them as well. No one was talking to Will johnson have several seats.

  7. You a fool, I would have still went lol. On the real, if it was that bad, I would have brought some make and put over them, not much, just to make it less visable. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    Jamari is the man of excuses ain’t he y’all? He always got some excuse of why he can’t go somewhere. We see you.

    1. ^oh really?
      i go everywhere with work wolf on some nights i’m tired af,
      i went to lunch with a vixen the other day,
      i went to other events throughout the city,
      and i even did a movie screening for that chris rock joint.

      …but my mouth looks crazy,
      i cancel this one event,
      and i’m “the man of excuses”?
      man are you serious?

      1. If you could not tell I was playing with you, that is a problem, and is disappointing as well because I have been doing it for years. However, you have missed a lot of industry events for many reasons over the years, that is true, which was the point of the joke, something always comes up that prevents you from going somewhere. I did not know you were going to start taking things to heart now.

        You have been different since Work Wolf came into the picture. You are not fun as you used to be, no you are not. I am saying it because no one else on here has the nerve to. You know I’ll call you out in a heartbeat now, and it will be out of nothing but all love too. Don’t question me tho. You may come for every one else on here, but not me.

        Who was the one talking to the WordPress mediators when they took your blog down that time? Me!
        Who is always the one telling your readers you are fine when you are taking time to yourself and while you fail to update them? Me!
        Who was checking up on you after your friend passed and while you were out of work? Me, even though I was not the only one.

        Go somewhere with that new acting stuff man. I was going to email this, but your readers always want to throw shots and ain’t been here long enough to know anyone who comments on here or their history with you for that matter, but always adding their $2.50 worth thoughts.

        1. ^ well you know man…

          i have always been very appreciative of the comments you left,
          the support you have shown,
          and just your presence on my site.
          when you do/did all those thing a for me,
          i was always very thankful for everything you have done.
          if you think I have changed then there is not much I can do to change your mind.
          i know im still the same,
          but im not seeing myself in your eyes.
          there is not much I can say at this point.
          i hope you still continue to rock with me through my lows and highs.
          as someone who has been with me through everything,
          I guess I expected something different from you.
          if I took your humor the wrong way,
          then I apologize for that.
          if you want one for this change you think I’ve had,
          I don’t think I have one for that.

          have a good night tho.

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