damn i wish i was straight then

i don’t know about ya’ll but the straight wolves are entertaining af.
if you’ve ever hung around a wolf pack,
you’ll hear stories from “oops i was drunk! to “i thought i had a condom on?“.
they always provide some a1 drama.
if you’re lucky,
you might catch a pec titty pop out while they’re telling a story.
you know straight males love to do suspect shit when telling a story.
kinda like the following videos i was sent.
so this straight wolf pack was at some kind of dj set and a random wolf decided to…
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Saturday Afternoon Was Spent In A Den of Wolves

i hung out with a straight wolf pack today.
well the one i know from work,
but he brought his home-wolves with him.
i decided to go to an brunch event.
it was in the city and it was a beautiful day out.
i was contemplating whether i was gonna go,
but i’m trying this new thing of “getting out the crib”.
since i’m cool with him at work,
and he promised to buy me food if i came out,
i decided to go.
i don’t turn down food.
i wore something real laid back casual…

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Braylon Edwards and His Wolf Pack

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.30.11 PM foxhole fav and baller wolf non-extraordinaire,
braylon edwards,
seems to be having the time of his life these days.
sadly he currently doesn’t have a team to call his own,
BUT he has a lot of wolfie friends to make him forget his woes.
check out these shots of how he spent memorial day weekend
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Marchez Coates: The New Pre-Baller Wolf Everyone Wants To F.

i got an email from an f-bi about:

tumblr_mkuc56sA9N1qk5j8to1_1280apparently hoodsworld posted him on his site.
damn near everyone lost their minds.
have you…

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DeSean Jackson Saves The World

Good deeds are always sexy.
When a man especially does something thoughtful,
it can make a pussy wet or even a booty vibrate.

DeSean Jackson… you did that.

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