Braylon Edwards and His Wolf Pack

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.30.11 PM foxhole fav and baller wolf non-extraordinaire,
braylon edwards,
seems to be having the time of his life these days.
sadly he currently doesn’t have a team to call his own,
BUT he has a lot of wolfie friends to make him forget his woes.
check out these shots of how he spent memorial day weekend

gather behind me.
you there?
dqmbk6*kicks feet around*
imagine knowing a pack of straight wolves like this??
shit imagine gay ones who were brolic like that?
no one would ever fuck with chu.
hell no one would ever fuck with them.
all you gotta do is speed dial “ignant big cousin braylon”.
you know he likes to fight.
alas braylon is dating a cute exxxotical at the moment:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.31.15 PMi mean…
she cute.
she ain’t me.
lol jk.

pictures taken from: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards and His Wolf Pack”

  1. All them dudes with their shirts off with hardly any chicks around?

    Hmm me wonders…

    He’s hot but all these pics scream “I’m at a gay club” & “I’m on a gay cruise.” I’m not complaining tho, I’d gladly join in the group fun.

      1. A brotha can still dream. If they edited the few chicks out, I’d believe all of these pics were taken at Blatino Oasis.

  2. You have to REALLY be straight in order to be around a bunch of chiseled black me and not feel some type of way. These dudes are just sexy as fuck

  3. So Jamari, you have never been to Sizzle Miami, Blatino Oasis, Fire Island Black Out or any of those other “retreats” (fuck fests)? Those gay “retreats” have sex parties galore and plenty of men naked or nearly naked.

    Do you plan to go to any such “retreat”?

  4. Yeah they look good, but how about Derek Roman naked coming out that pool on Hit the floor though. JESUS!!

  5. Braylon boo let me be your side jumpoff lol i won’t tell..but all joking aside this man is beautiful yes jesus thank you for creating this fine specimen, and his girl is beautiful as well, they’re cute together…i would have died seeing all those fine wolves in person..damn a hard on i would have had an heart attack lmfao

  6. This dont make no damn sense. Lawd knows out of all the men that have been featured on the foxhole including Dez Bryant, Bolo and Victor Cruz, I would lay it all down for Braylon. This dude is one of the most perfect men on earth to me, if I ever saw him in person, I would probably be cheesing so hard he would know I was gay and a psycho because I would be stalking his ass. Forget all these designated days for Man Crush, this is my man crush everyday of the year. Now I am going to say this, one of those dudes in the above pics and I want say who is giving me a vibe that he may be down for the crown. I would love to roll in a crew like this, I know the majority have to be str8, I dont think that many gay dudes could roll together at one time like this. I follow B on IG and he seems to love to hang out with his homies all the time.

  7. I love this man i love this man I LOVE THIS MANNNNNNNNNN……DAMN….I can smell the tetesterone in these pics…oh yes….line them all up now run the train boys. But i would want Braylon first so at least i know the baby will be his

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