Dream On, Dream On

a place where you can easily escape from your world.
the real world.
when things are going wrong,
or they are going right,
your dreams should bring you peace and joy.
“beyonce” started out a as a dream.
so did “rihanna” and “jay z”.
even tho he is a nightmare now,
“kanye west” was once a figment of his imagination.
dreams keeps you optimistic.
it makes you slowly create an imaginary path to what you want.
if you are dreaming correctly,
you should want more out of your life.
if not…
you are doing it completely wrong

everything i ever wanted started out as a dream.
i would imagine in my mind that i already had it.
playing pretend is fun because you can be anything you want.
sooner or later,
what i was so “fox-ated” on,
became a reality.
i said i wanted to pay off all my bills so i can get a credit card.
i want to establish credit because i want to be able to buy my own home.
i want to rent cars when i want go to walmart or the outlets to shop.
i want to manifest more quality friends in my life.
ive already started dreaming about the book i’m going to write.
the universe is bringing me ideas for an amazing story.
blogger and author.
Denzel-Washington-Boom-Gifpessimistic people would clown me,
say that i live in my own head too much.
they would say i need toget out there and do it”.
well i dreamed it,
wished it,
and then did it.
*mama dee voice*
while they were out there “doing it”,
they are now burnt out and lost.
tumblr_inline_mpetwb2jDA1qz4rgpwhen i was broke last year,
i had a broken up,
slow as hell,
cracked screened,
iphone 4.
the one without siri.
the one that temple “walk” damn near took 5 minutes to open.

giphyyeah that one.
even still,
that phone was my rock.
i did everything on that phone including edit this site.
i wanted a new version because i was beyond due for an upgrade.
so what i did?
i put in ( x my god box ) that i wanted:

“a gold iPhone 5s or “something better”.

i left it alone and did my thing.
well couple weeks ago,
i find out i was due for that upgrade.
since i pretty much had an iPhone 4 since its release,
i could get a couple hundred knocked off the bill.
well now i own a gold iPhone 5s.

giphy-1the crazy thing is,
i can dream all these material things and experiences,
but could never dream up the wolf of my dreams.
i had to wonder if the ones i’m dreaming up,
or the ones that i’m really attracted to,
are actually nightmares in real life?
ive thought about people i haven’t seen in a while,
asking myself “damn i wonder what happened to…”,
and like magic i’d see or hear from them.
as soon as i want a wolf to come and get this,
i get nothing.
Zr26Hpx…that in turns leads me to beating myself up,
wondering if something is wrong with me?
is the universe trying to keep me single?
hell is the universe trying to be my man?
sorry i’m in the market for a physical being with a mushroom cut penis.
*roll of thunder*
is there a wolf being manifested that will be worth the wait?
i guess i’ll keep on dreaming until i find out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Dream On, Dream On”

  1. He’s out there but maybe the universe isn’t done preparing him yet.

    Just keep dreaming about the perfect wolf husband and three kids. They’ll be here living with you in your brownstone eventually.

    It’s weird because I still have a hard time imagining myself old with another old man.

  2. Just keep pushing on man and continue to live good and do well on your job and in due time the man will come, probably when you least suspect it.

  3. I do hope you travel too, but out of countries like Brazil, DR, etc. and write about your adventures there and the WOLVES.

      1. Well brazil is cool if you wanna get kidnapped. and DR is cool if you wanna have race issues with them folks

  4. OMG! Everything you just said is happening to me as well! it’s unbelievable. I talked about it to my barber last year and he told me that I was in tune with the univers, whatever that means. He said in order to b intune with the univers u have to live a “clean” life.

    S.N. yall should check out Braylon Edwards IG. Been drooling over the pictures of him and his boys he posted today. Wonder what happened on that cruise with his homies if u know what I mean. Gosh, I have a boner just thinking about it lol.

  5. jamari he will come in due time, the wolf you’re looking for…maybe you’re going through all of these things so that you can be on that level of the wolf you’re seeking…sometimes who we want or actually deserve isn’t in our nearest view because we’re not on the playing level that we’re designated for…for some that playing level can be reached by finding themselves, acquiring a college degree, getting a new job. i feel for you your wolf is going to come into your life through an event, something that’s going to be tied in with your blog and etc…i feel like you may end up doing great things in the public eye for some reason you have knowledge of the industry and etc already so i feel media is where you’ll shine…keep doing you, believing in GOD and watch him work…

    LOVE this site and i LOVE you, you’re such a blessing

  6. I don’t know how I missed the God Box post but it was exactly what i needed. I’ve been reading The Secret. It has been a struggle to manifest and maintain positive thoughts when dealing with the Colonizer(abominable snow folks).

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