put it all in your god box

D7229Ai have come to the conclusion that my faith is not as strong as it should.
i know!
i’ll have issues,
claim i trust god to handle them,
but still worry about them when nothing is happening.
not my smartest idea.
well after my fast,
on some random thought bubble shit,
i remembered something beyonce said couple years ago…
tumblr_inline_n0hkuqbNcd1qbmxbvyes you beyonce.
so when i was a super stan,
i bought the destiny’s child book,
“soul survivor”.
there was a part where she said after the first group break up she was super depressed.
she didn’t leave her room for a week,
no food,
and was breaking out like crazy.
similar to what i am going through.
she said she “put everything in a box and gave it to god”.
that line always stuck with me.
she imagined herself putting all her troubles in a box and giving it over to god to fix.
michelle and farrah were manifested the wek after.
so “a ha” moment.
well i was on google and came up on an blog talking about that.
another random moment.
it said:

The idea is to have a container with a slot or opening on top.  You write your present problem, worry, desire, or hard-to-make decision on a small piece of paper.  (I like to end all my requests with the statement, “This or something better.” I believe that’s the real meaning of “If it be Thy will.”)    You may even date your request if you like.  Then fold it up and put it in your God box.  In essence, “turning it over to God.”

Don’t stress out about what you should use as your God box, any container will do.  Some examples of what my friends and I have used as God boxes are, a favorite cereal box, coffee can, oatmeal container, jewelry box, cigar box, a hamper, shoe box, and even a garbage can.  Whatever you choose to use as your God box it will work, since the activating power is in releasing whatever it is to God.

329304_original…i ran in my room to make one.
when it looked like i couldn’t find anything to make the box with,
my eyes locked on a prada cologne gift box that was sitting in my closet.
something i thought i threw out years ago.
i made an opening with a knife and wallah:

godboxeverything is a little better with prada.
well i threw a few of my issues in there and will leave them alone.
i will only remove them once they are fixed.
i’ll let god handle it,
like 4real 4real.

lowkey: ya know its weird,
but i feel more connected spiritually since that fast.

x thank you to durrell fusaro for the idea

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8 thoughts on “put it all in your god box”

  1. Every morning I’m on my knees giving thanks and praise to God. I also reaffirm my commitment to serve by using the talents with which I have been blessed to make this world a better place. All too often I think we rely too much on prayer. I believe God wants us to use the skills and talents with which we have been blessed to get up off our knees and do the work to make things better.

    The other day the U.S. Senate fell one (1), just one vote short in its attempt to restore much needed unemployment benefits to over a million people whose benefits expired the first of the year and millions more whose benefits will soon expire.

    A couple of months ago I laid out on here a blue print of action all of us needed to take. How many in the foxhole contacted their members of Congress? How many reached out to relatives and friends in those states with representatives and senators who have shown us repeatedly what they think of us?

    Marco Rubio of Florida voted against restoring unemployment. Did anyone contact friends in Florida to pressure him? Did anyone contact friends, relatives in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia? What about the members of the foxhole, themselves, who live in some of these places.

    In the time it takes for us to post on here, we can pick up the phone, write an email to pressure these representatives. Brothers, that’s how this democratic republic works; it’s how the world turns. The squeaky wheel gets the oil! I did my part, do it everyday, and will continue to my part. We lost by one vote! If you didn’t put forth the effort to reach out, kick yourself in the butt real hard! Now, let’s round up some more votes!

    Jamari, if you’d like, feel free to repost that blueprint I laid out on how we can garner the votes in Congress we need to win this thing.

  2. I love this idea. I too often find myself “giving it to god” and still stressing and worrying about whatever it was. I just made my god box and feel better already.

    1. ^i’m telling u z,
      i wrote it down,
      threw it in the box,
      and left alone.
      i feel better and just letting god and the universe steer the ship.
      as they already should.

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