we tried to “had” told her.

zdw5E3Wweveryone meet rachel snider
well if you forgot,
rachel was the “twitter order” wife of terrell owens.
i said “was” for a reason.
they done.
not happ’n cap’n.
i quit.
gotta split”.
only after 2 weeks.
uh huh.
here’s the reason…

Well, that didn’t take long … TMZ Sports has learned Terrell Owens’ wife is already demanding a divorce from the former NFL star … just two weeks after tying the knot. 

It was only back on January 23rd that T.O. married Rachel Snider in a secret ceremony at a courthouse  in Newhall, CA. 

But now, we’ve learned … Rachel has left T.O. — moved out of California — and plans on filing for a divorce asap. 

Rachel tells TMZ Sports … she believes Terrell only married her for money — and claims he used her so he could get a loan for a $2 million home in Sherman Oaks, CA.

“I felt in love … and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken,” Snider says. 

Snider adds, “I really valued his love and friendship for 5 years. Out of the love in my heart, I tried to help him. We had a secret relationship for 5 years and I married him for love.”

We made multiple calls to T.O. for comment — but were unable to get him on the phone.

iymn3adid they even fuck?
okay that wasn’t mean to be my first question.
that was word vomit.
okay so what?????
a loan for 2 mill?
as a post office worker?
why would she even agree to that foolishness?
why did she even marry him in the first place?
 5 years of friendship does not a husband make.
hell he couldn’t even fuck me with all that “situation” he got going on.
i’ll leave “this” for my opinion of this story:

lowkey: rachel do you own an iphone?
what is with this ipad in the mirror?
very ghetto fab.
story found: tmz sports
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7 thoughts on “we tried to “had” told her.

  1. Both Terrell Owen and Ochocinco/Johnson have answered the question “How do you make a small forture?” with the answer “Start with a large fortune.” The big dummies.

  2. This woman got the dick but it either wasn’t sufficient to justify all the cash that Terrell Owen was getting/spending or he was sharing his dick with others. Terrell Owens and his buddy (or former buddy) Chad Ochocinco/Johnson need “life lessons” of the type provided by Oprah and Ilanya Vanzant morning, noon and night for at least a year. I don’t have much sympathy with either one.

  3. LM, there is a reason that African American (not all black) women tend to be more “bossy” than their white counterparts and that reason starts with the fact that about 70% of African American (not all black) children are born outside of marriage. That means that boys and girls grow up seeing their mother be the mother and father too. Mothers exhibit this behavior and daughters learn by example. Consequently, the daughters grow up to be “bossy” like their mothers. Demographics is destiny. If you want to change this equation, change the demographics.

  4. If I could find the emoticons, mine would be laughing.I didn’t laugh but a small grin came over my face.We’re crazy if we thought this was gonna be a stable long-lasting marriage.It’s Terrel Owens for God’s sake.Now I’ll wait for you to report Kanye and Kim’s break-up because we all know that shit ain’t lasting.We should know that marriage doesn’t mean anything to anybody now and days, especially celebrities.

    1. When will these naïve, unassuming white women realize that not every man of color is with you for your superficiality (looks)? If you’ve got the green and are willing to provide it, just as long as they are willing to service you with their 9 inch or greater stick dynamite, then when and where does love become part of that equation? The reality or one of the realities of interracial relationships, especially when it comes to white women and black men is that there is this philosophy of subservient behavior illustrated by these women, because unlike the more domineering, strong-willed, and dare I say sometimes, “Stank Attitude,” of some black women, some black males would rather associate themselves with someone who is less challenging and willing to succumb to their whims.

  5. This fuckery is going to make for some good internet memes. I just cant with this pop tart marriage. T.O. aint shit and she is clearly a damn fool. I would at least gave it 90 days. Did T.O even know her name, he probably kept calling her something else. I hope she will at least get her 401K money back she borrowed for the down payment to his new house. #thejokeswritethemselves….

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