i can’t even get through one pipe (is something wrong with me?)

tumblr_mavebnDspv1r7dslfi’m usually good at this kind of thing.
so i did it to myself.

i wanted to see what the hub bub was about.
ya know,
everyone was talking about it.
i tried to ignore it.
i did.
well when i saw this…
Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 7.08.49 PMi said i’d give it a shot,
ya know?
its leaving so why not?
and then this happened:

who made this game?

my guess is satan.
why do we have to fly a cheep cheep with wings from mario bros,
through these damn pipes,
when the fuckin’ thing can’t?
got you sitting up with ya mouth wide open.
and not in the good way.
then look at this show off who can handle the pipes:

tumblr_mzkrdlpo9B1qcbk34o2_250its not fair!!!
why can’t i do that?
jesus was obviously behind that phone screen.
he ain’t low.
i bet he turned his water into wine just for getting that far.
so now i have something that is gonna piss me off until i master it.
get “flappy bird” before he pulls it offline:

x download from app store

x download from google play

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “i can’t even get through one pipe (is something wrong with me?)”

  1. Well I have made it to 3 already. I have lost 20 times already tho lol. Why is the bird so damn sensitive? Birds hits trees every day and they are alright, and these birds cant even take a little pipe. Damn.

    1. ^i find just looking at the hole helps as you fly through.
      just focus on it and you will get through it easier.
      okay that didn’t come out right.

  2. I was wondering what kind of pipe you were talking about.You know I thought you were talking about penis at first.You need some pipe.Steady pipe. lol

    I haven’t played this game.I’ve heard about it though.I play Angry Birds when I’m bored.

    1. ^if it counts,
      i had a dream earlier where some fine wolf was giving me the D.
      i couldn’t see his face,
      but he had a nice body and was gentle.
      doesn’t count?
      *walks away*

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