I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (32)

you know its good when an f-bi sends it twice.
so ya’ll have to see this video.
stop eating bbq and wipe ya hands.
2 trannies + 2 jackals + fighting on the marta = ratchet tomfoolery.
this video is 18^,
and “not safe for straight eyes”.
please watch this…


Fainti can’t.
i can’t.
i can’t.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (32)”

  1. Holy shit I didn’t expect that tranny to take her clothes off! That was bold and very ratchet.

  2. When that tranny took off her clothes I was like WTF? That was unnecessary. It was not that deep.

  3. Why did the guy have to physically attack the tranny? He was so bothered by her words he had to try and stomp her? SMH!

  4. Not many things leave me speechless on the internet with so many shocking things but this left me with my mouth wide open. I see those ladies held their own, I think str8 men forget that gay men are still men and many have grew up fighting due to constant harassment and disrespect. So many str8 people think they can say what they want about gay people out loud but look crazy when a gay person claps back. I am surprised it wasnt blood shed because most of these Transgender dont leave home without their protection because they dont know what these mean streets may have in store for them.

    1. I do NOT mess with transgendered peeps period unless it’s to say “Girl you look fierce.” Because they will beat your ass. Tajan is right. Them dudes better be glad the girls weren’t bladed up.P.S The wolves lost that fight.

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