damn i wish i was straight then

i don’t know about ya’ll but the straight wolves are entertaining af.
if you’ve ever hung around a wolf pack,
you’ll hear stories from “oops i was drunk! to “i thought i had a condom on?“.
they always provide some a1 drama.
if you’re lucky,
you might catch a pec titty pop out while they’re telling a story.
you know straight males love to do suspect shit when telling a story.
kinda like the following videos i was sent.
so this straight wolf pack was at some kind of dj set and a random wolf decided to…

…randomly started taking off his shirt.
i believe it was because he was hot.
he missed the memo because everyone is in t shirts and he is dressed for fall.
there probably was no ac and he was burning up…

if i was in the room:

i’m not gonna hold you,
but i rip my wife beaters off when i’m hot too.
just rip the shit clean off me.
so i feel him.
what better time to show off #workoutgoals as well…

in my head,
he was just released from prison so he wanted to show us what he was doing.
he was getting that summer bawdy ready baby.
i’m not mad!
not mad at all!
prison bawdies are a work of art and need to be displayed!
ain’t that right,
jarrett jenkins:

suddenly i have this urge to be a probation officer.
anyway i’m all for the random straight shenanigans.
if you’re lucky,
you can bag a dl wolf for some  “11pm to 3am entertainment” with.

6 thoughts on “damn i wish i was straight then

  1. so000… what’s exactly suspect about what he did? and that red circle proves what? he is wearing jeans and they bunch sometime for those whose ever worn jeans in their lives. folks can joke around without it being sexual or “suspect”

  2. I’m actually more interested in the one that pushes him out the way lol love dudes with big smiles and he looks tall 😍

  3. That jarrett jenkins is the type of chocolate 🍫 you overdose on for real 😍

  4. Mmmmm, that daddy Jarrett gif got me all hot and bother…I want to see him nude! Badly lol

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