“i saw that bitch, but i kept the feets moving on that bitch too.” (insecure)

besides star fox,
i had another friend that i thought would have been in my life for a long time.
we ended up breaking up after not being compatible as the years went on.
mutual friends noticed they spoke down to me when we were together.
i noticed it as well,
but i wanted to keep trying to make the friendship work.
i’m sure i wasn’t perfect on my end,
but what friendship truly is?
many years after our end,
we ended up speaking on the phone,
but the spark was gone since we both grew in separate directions.

Friendship break ups are just as tough as breaking up with your man/woman

that seems to be this season’s theme on “insecure” between molly and issa.
last night’s episode,
lowkey trippin“,
had a scene that posed an amazing question from twitter.
i wanted to ask the foxhole about the scenario (light spoilers)

issa saw molly sitting in the ethiopian food spot and took tf off.
molly saw issa get out her car and was acting like she didn’t see her,
but peeped when issa dipped like “the flash” back to her car.
the tweet posed the question:


honestly if i was molly,
even though i’ve done this as an “issa”,
my natural emotion would have been:


“lite depressed af” because i’m in this situation with a  friend.
as a cancer,
i hold my friendships near and dear.
others males come and go.

we have done it to males we stopped speaking to when we saw them in public.
i think when it comes to a friendship we subconsciously hold them higher than relationships,
so we hope that “this too shall pass” when it comes to friendship.
when games are being played,
it can be a real blow to your ego and self esteem.
if my friend would have walked in,
saw me at the counter,
and proceeded to act like they didn’t know me,
i think that would have caused the same level of hurt as well.
shit like that is such bad communication that it leads to:

“Well fuck you too.”

…which can end up being a real beef.
so i’ll ask the foxhole…

If your friend did what Issa did to Molly,
would you have been mad?

10 thoughts on ““i saw that bitch, but i kept the feets moving on that bitch too.” (insecure)

  1. I love this show. Issa Rae is an excellent writer and actor, and her cast is superb. Also, I’m glad Lawrence is back, though I miss Daniel and Dro. Talk about three beautiful brothas!

  2. Part Of Me Was Mad At Issa Because You’re Letting Molly Steal Your Joy. Y’all Are Bound To Meet Up In The Same Space Eventually. But At The Same Time She abounded Because She Didn’t Want To Deal With The Drama. What Made Me Mad With Molly Was You Acted Like You Didn’t See Her Then Felt Some Type Of Way Because Issa Left Then Dragged Her Saying She Ran Up Out Of There Like I Was An Actual Job. So Now You Are Trying To Say Issa Don’t Keep A Job Or She Doesn’t Have A Career Like Her And Completely Bypassed The Block Party Issa Just Did Days Ago. Eventually They Will Have To Talk But Molly Needs To See Her Therapist Consistently And Take Heed Of What The Therapist Is Saying.

  3. This season is the most boring television on the planet. The beef between Molly and Issa is so fake and manufactured. Black women don’t fall out unless it’s something big. And there wasn’t anything “big” that occurred between the two of them that justifies the bad writing viewers are stuck with. Wake me when its over. 😴 💤

    1. I totally dusagree…Some people, black women included just grow apart. Sometimes there is beef, sometimes its just “I’m good with that” and the vibe has changed. Some people fail to realize whether people are in your life for a reason, season or lifetime!..know the difference and take the lessons ir else you settle for less than you deserve. No need to force a friendship.

      There are many people I know are in my life forxa lifetime. I also know some came to show me something about myself(usually what kind of bullshit I cant tolerate) or about themselves, or to get us both from one point in our lives to the next…its a reason or for that season..no beef involved at all..

  4. Absolutley.

    I have a mental list of questions I ask myself when a person appears distant or closed off from me:

    1 ) Why is he mad at me?

    2) What did I do wrong ?

    3) Did he misinterpret something I said ?

    4) Did so and so tell him something I said ?

    I know guys . I am wayyyyyyy too sensitive …hehe he

    1. ^my therapist told me stop asking myself “what did i do wrong?” when someone appears distant and closed off.
      if they have a problem with me,
      and don’t communicate said issue,
      then that is THEIR problem and not my own.

  5. I feel like Issa was just protecting her peace. She was starting to feel better about herself leading up to that moment. I know what it’s like to see a person that always brings drama and have that “I’m in a good place right now and I don’t feel like dealing with all that extra shit right now” moment. I think that’s what happened with Issa and I don’t blame her. Molly is judgemental as fuck and she don’t think her shit stank. Fuck those kinda friends honestly.

    1. I feel like it’s both of them that’s the problem. Yes Issa was protecting her peace with Molly, but why doesn’t Issa do the same when it’s comes to these niggas? Honestly that’s the source of both of their problems/drama always worried about some 🍆 instead of just dating and finding themselves.

      Everything that Issa and Molly said about each other is both true Molly is judgemental and Issa low key is a user but not intentionally. Molly is judging Issa about her men meanwhile she was with a married man not too long ago. Issa cheated on Lawrence and was sleeping on his couch, then started sleeping on the other guys couch, then took a low paying job just because it came with a free place to live.

      It’s like bitch get on ur shit, stop chasing these niggas. You have a degree and you don’t need hand outs and help all the fuckin time.

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