is ej johnson so nasty and so rude?

i was trying to think back if i’ve ever met a rude celebrity.
i’ve seen rude in action (keri hilson),
but i’ve never had any be outright nasty to me.

  1. i don’t play that shit
  2. i give celebs space

even if on the inside i’m like “holy shit!”,
i make sure to keep it together.
i’ve been lucky to have really pleasant experiences thus far.
well someone on instagram had a lot to font about ej johnson.
a user by the name of @the_untamed_socialite posted this…

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It’s Hard To Date When You’re EJ Johnson

ya know,
often times i feel like very invisible.
 no one tries to get at me.
it can feel like you are unwanted and lonely,
but i see i’m not the only one going through it.
ej johnson,
magic johnson’s son,
shared how dating as a gay male in his life is difficult.
this is what he had to say via “the daily mail”
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The New Problem With The Word “Girl”

i found the following entry funny.
an acquaintance of mine straight contradicted herself today.
i’ll get into that in a minute.
so it started with an article in the “new york times” about magic johnson’s cub,
ej johnson.
he proclaimed is a rich “girl”.
i didn’t say it.
he did.
according to him,
he isn’t “some other rich girl trying to get a show”.
this is a snippet of the article…
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