is ej johnson so nasty and so rude?

i was trying to think back if i’ve ever met a rude celebrity.
i’ve seen rude in action (keri hilson),
but i’ve never had any be outright nasty to me.

  1. i don’t play that shit
  2. i give celebs space

even if on the inside i’m like “holy shit!”,
i make sure to keep it together.
i’ve been lucky to have really pleasant experiences thus far.
well someone on instagram had a lot to font about ej johnson.
a user by the name of @the_untamed_socialite posted this…

well allegedly,
and i’m gonna throw that word up there,
one of my home vixens had a similar experience.
we were talking about celebs we met and who was rude.
she is pretty mixxy and went to a gay event where ej was.
she said he was allegedly nasty and rude.
it was very similar to what that ig user is fonting.
she said it turned her completely off from him.
it mean its not hard to tell.
iwouldn’t have walked up to him for a pic,
but that’s just me.
he’s simply an elevated attentionisto.

lowkey: i hope i never become rude like that.
i can get uncomfortable in large crowds,
but i hope it never transcends as “rude”.
i’d be rude to nasty celebs and attentionistos tho.
i love doing that shit.

never supporters of the foxhole tho.
that’s absolutely unacceptable.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “is ej johnson so nasty and so rude?”

  1. we dont know what may have been going on, it could be a lot of variables and this is only one side to a story. We know that celebs are still ppl, they still feel, they still go through things and experience thing. WHY post something negative to feed into the negative. Sometimes its okay to take the high road sis! sheesh!

  2. Worked in Hotels and by far Jada, Tyrese, Brian McKnight and Ruben Studdard are the worst celebs i’ve Encountered. One smeared shit on the walls of the suite, one cursed out the Front Desk, one was arrogant and one was just plain rude. There are some really nice ones tho, Omarion, Will Smith, Monique, Keith Urban and the Spanish dude from New York undercover.

      1. Yep, heffa was rude to me in two different cities. If I remember correctly she said I looked like Bobby Brown. Jokes on her tho. Housekeeping gossiped and about what went on in her and her husband’s separate suites.

  3. LOL, I may drop a funny story to your email. But one of the rudest had to be Mr. Studdard. He was in town for something and we were going to put him in the nicest suite but it was still occupied at 9 in the morning. So since he was so early we put him in junior suite until the other would be ready. Sent up a bunch of free amenities and such and told him we would have the room ready as soon as possible. When time came to move him he was less than pleasant and had trashed the suite he was in. Food and “stuff” was smeared on the walls and the furniture was trashed. You would have thought he had Backstreet Boys Hits and money to pull that off. The hotel was so dumb they invited him back and he trashed a different room. I think he has some serious demons.

    1. I’m sure most of us don’t want his confused “I wear shade 45 palette with a bald fade and kitten heels” ass either lol! Magic Johnson’s affiliation is what helps him get an ounce of attention and that’s an overstatement 🤣

  4. I wonder was he like this when he was “2 Tons of Fun” or is this new body-new attitude. I guess his persona is now the bitchy skinny white girl. He along with most celebrity children in the spotlight like Lil Wayne’s daughter, seemed to be empty vessels, awful people who happened to have a lot of disposable income thanks to their parents, but I am sure they are no different than most spoiled rich kids. I am sure this dude has a lot of insecurities from his years of being overweight and now he wants to pay back all of those who used to tease and taunt him. He has not been around no real Black Queens, they would read his ass into the dust trying it like that. I can tell he is snow queen who probably looks downs on other Blacks. Yall can have this one

  5. For some reason it irks my nerves when women refer to gay men as ‘sis’ and ‘her’ when things do not go their way. The misgendering really speaks volumes.

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