alex wilright: lots of work outs, plenty of cake

alex wilright.
he is one of the sexiest personal training wolves on ig.
he literally looks like a wolf in the face to me.
that jawline >>>>
well alex is my “hump day wolf” due to that tail of his…

do you see that curve-age from the side?
especially the first video when he kicking his leg ups?

i love that shit.
i’m waiting for marvin bienaime to get a hold of him.
i’d probably explode that day.
alex is allegedly dating this lucky vixen:

he’s from cali so my hopes for a black vixen were slim.
i bet she is riding him every.
the face alone would have me ready.

lowkey: this is alex attempting to #dotheshiggy …

no rhythm,
but i’m sure no one would turn him down because of that.

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22 thoughts on “alex wilright: lots of work outs, plenty of cake

  1. That guy pings my gaydar, and I have a feeling someone has been balls deep in that booty. It’s like the norm for closeted black men to have a token Becky now.

  2. So on the low it’s ridiculous. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s ‘asvertising’ his assets.

  3. No rhythm is an indickation of your bedroom skills. Dancers have the best sex from every amazing angle.

    Rhythmless are the ones to look amazing, but give subpar strokes.

    And he looks high in every picture.

  4. wait I just peeped the video of him dancing(distracted by the ass smh)…some of these dudes are really just meant to look good and be quiet. anything outside of that kills the fantasy.

    he won’t be dancing at a party I’m at lmao

  5. Its a No for me, anytime, I see these types of dudes with Basic Becky’s, I already know they were lames back in the day and discovered the gym. The old story of Back then they didn’t want me, Now I’m Hot they all on me!

    1. Yeah the lack of rhythm overall awkwardness blew up his spot.

      He definitely glowed up later in life lol

      You can always tell

      1. @Jay, Bro I was trying to be nice but as a gym head I see this all the time with a lot of good looking Black dudes, it looks like they troll the late night shift at Waffle House to find their Tru Luv Becky’s. When I have visited your city and can go to damn Applebee’s Happy Hour and see 10 Chicks who will stand up to Beyonce and make her question herself and you know I am telling the truth about H-Town, beautiful women everywhere, so these dudes go after these non black chicks by choice, for any number of reasons I guess. I see it so much on Instagram on many of the fitness dudes I follow, and ironically the 2 biggest fitness names on all of IG-Simeon Panda and Ulyssis Jr both have Black spouses and their followers combined, is still more than every single popular Attentionista/Trainer on the Gram. To each his own, but it nothing like seeing nice looking Black couples whether Gay or Str8.

  6. I was waiting for you to post him. He is so handsome in the face. I’ve always thought that he looks like Scar from the Lion King movie. In a good way.

    And no shade but he is way out of that woman’s league. It’s a shame that many black people will set the bar lower for non-black people when it comes to dating but expect their own black people to be solid 9/10s before looking twice at them. Y’all can say whatever but y’all know it’s the TRUTH.

    Have you seen The Rock’s girlfriend? No shade she’s not ugly but that man can do so much better. The Rock is someone who would look good with Cassie or Nicole Scherzinger type. But he settles for a basic becky. I don’t have an issue with dating white, I just don’t understand why very attractive people of color settle for the white people who don’t look as good as them. At least get a bomb ass white woman lol

    This is why I embrace my own and I NEVER settle for less if a non-black guy is interested in me. He better be as fine as I like my own men because I hate putting other races on a pedestal.

    It’s because some of our people feel “lucky” when they get attention from a non-black person and it’s sad. I don’t believe that’s the case with this dude because he’s very handsome and gets a lot of attention (i assume) but it is a reality for many.

    No disrespect to this woman because she has a banging body (very curvy and tight) but I can see this dude with a woman who’s Ciara/Meagan Good-esque type beauty. I guess he’s just one of those who are blinded by pale skin.

    1. I knew you and Tajan would say it so I didn’t have to.

      If that is what he chooses to lock down in Los Angeles that’s a problem lol

      Cali in general has gorgeous women of all backgrounds.

      Maybe he cares about what’s on the inside. I just find it funny black dudes can look past looks, sex appeal, anti-black views of some of these nonblack women’s backgrounds, but they drag black women for wearing weaves and makeup lol

  7. Also i just read a comment about him allegedly being part of the “LA escort circle” on an older entry of him ☕️

    Y’all have any tea on him?

  8. I think Tajan said it best. The hard reality is Alex is from Oakland, CA one of the most diverse places in the country, he had to jump over 100 beautiful eligible black women to get to that one Becky and they need to get called out on it and maybe even bashed a little. Most of these people are trying to break into the entertainment industry and are going to need the support of the community in order to do it. I’ll spot you for a whirlwind romance but making a b line for Becky and you have some explaining to do , and I’m sorry but preference doesn’t cut it.

  9. @Tajan: You’re not lying about the women in Houston. Look, even the drop dead gorgeous black women are marrying black dudes that are overweight and have marginal looks at best so these dudes that choose to date basic nonblack chicks can’t say the black ones are picky.

    There’s gotta be 30 eligible women for every one dude here.

    Black women in Oklahoma, Cali, Arizona, and the Midwest will tell you black men don’t check for them in those states.

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