i make a better catcher than a pitcher

i feel like an absolute idiot right now.
let me rephrase that.
i feel like an absolute idiot because i don’t know how to pitch the foxhole.
something i love and want to make a career out of,
i don’t know how to write a fuckin’ pitch email.
it’s like…

i know how to pitch myself for a job.
putting a resume and cover letter together to send out.
that is easy and comes very natural.

my name
my past jobs
what i can offer
why you should hire me

when it comes to looking for sponsorships and advertising,
i feel like the wording needs to be totally different.
when i research online,
i see these long pitch emails and it leaves me confused.
this should come way easier for me than not.
it takes me less time to write an entry.
with this,
it has me feeling like i’m trying to drive the russian space station.

even with the stuff pose sent to help me,
i feel like it’s a ton of word vomit.
i might be over thinking it.
this could be a ton of insecurity fonting as well.
i just want to be taken seriously and that might be my problem.
i’m trying to hard to make the foxhole look perfect,
but it isn’t coming natural like other things i do/did.
i might need a drink.

Am I dumb?

i feel like i might just be.

lowkey: it took me 5 minutes to have the outline for this entry.
i don’t know why it’s so hard for an email.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “i make a better catcher than a pitcher

  1. I understand your frustration J. I’d say a good place to start is just state the facts. Your site gets millions of views. It’s respected and recognized by larger and more well known outlets (sponsored outlets). And you’re seen in these streets lol. You know better than anybody how poppin your site is. Take this as an opportunity to low-key brag about your shit. That’s what potential sponsors wanna see. Let them know why your enterprise is valuable. You see the value and so does the foxhole. You got this babe!!

    1. ^thank you t.

      i’m driving on the fact i got let go,
      feeling like i’m running out of time,
      and trying to get out of my head.
      it’s not coming natural because i’m back to putting high expectations on myself and what i want.

      i’m going to step away from it for today and try again tomorrow.

      1. You’re not dumb! You’re having writers block. Try writing down a list of adjectives that you feel describes the foxhole. Really, You already have a pitch to work off, “Taking you real deep.” Build off of that, and ask questions to help develop more information. How are you taking us deep? Why are you taking us deep? Who are you taking deep? Who, what when, where, how and why. You get my drift?

        Also, don’t speak negative about yourself. I take it this something you haven’t done before so you have to learn. Check out videos on YouTube if you need more help. You can learn just about anything on there and get feedback from your friends after you finish. You got this😉

  2. Just take your time and carefully evaluate any offers. As much as you want the foxhole to become so much more, it does not need to be rushed.

  3. Do a competition. Ask the foxholers to write pitch emails for the site they know nearly as well as you do. Also let other foxholers vote on which they prefer. Invite the winner to be your pornhub friend or meet you in person. #CrowdSourcing

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