so the universe brought a car accident into my life?

one of my best home vixens was in a car accident yesterday.
she was sitting in her parked car and someone slammed into her.
and get this

How he gonna hit her,
get out his car,
and run away?

…and get even more this:

at that

the “you dun fucked up now” award goes to…
there was a lesson i wanted to share with the foxhole.
one that happened shortly before the accident…

we were on the phone.
i was telling her how i’m waiting for unemployment.
my funds are low and i can’t even afford groceries at the moment.
she said:

i really need more money.
i looked in my checking and got so depressed.”

in turn,
i said:

“We gonna be aight.
God will provide us both with money soon.”

it looked like he provided.
someone told me before how careful how you “ask” for things.
the universe hears “i want” and will give it to you.

“i want to be in a relationship”

you will get into one,
but he/she may have the qualities you didn’t want.

“i need a job”

you’ll get a job and it may turn out to be hell.

“i would like more money…”

you’ll get a nice lump sum,
but it’ll come with “percocets” and “icy hot”.

i’ve learned it’s better to be as detailed as possible.

lowkey: it seems like folks are manifesting things much faster than usual.
something must be going on in the universe.

3 thoughts on “so the universe brought a car accident into my life?

  1. what type hit her, if it was a Rolls Royce then you definitely will get paid. Also if she is physically hurt and can prove it, then she can expect a compensation. Also depending on where that car gets fixed will leave you with some money especially those cheap bodyshop. however ppl tend to go to their manufacter dealership if you want it looking brand new you won’t have no coins left over.

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