michelle williams decided to run for shelter during her storm

we’ve all made jokes about michelle williams from destiny’s child.
from her falling during performances,
or simply not being able to keep up with beyonce and kelly,
she has been the butt of many jokes.
anyone who wasn’t b in that group was the butt of jokes.
i use to say she must be super strong because folk use to go in.
i use go in.
over the years,
michelle has been pretty vocal about her struggles with depression.
she posted on her ig that she seeking help for her mental health issues…

…but according to et,
it was revealed she is allegedly in a mental health facility:

According to TMZ, Williams checked herself into a mental health facility to seek help for depression. A source tells the site that she has been at the Los Angeles facility for the past several days. ET has reached out to Williams’ reps for comment.

she is in one the biggest girl groups,
probably making good residuals off their past hits,
connected to one of the biggest pop stars in our generation,
has sung gospel during her solo career,
and is engaged to be married.

i’m sure folks are wondering why she would be depressed.
depression doesn’t care what you got and who you know.
it effects most who seemingly “have it all”.
you know that i know that struggle all too well.
i’m glad michelle took control before it got too dark.
the foxhole is sending her tremendous love and light.

lowkey: a pet peeve of mine…


that needs to stop.
God can’t even wipe away some of their consistent sinning.

article quote cc: et

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “michelle williams decided to run for shelter during her storm

  1. Sooo, her husband’s a pastor, huh?…hhhmmm, I don’t think I ever wanna see my pastor in skinny jeans w/ the knees cut out…Church is different these days now, huh? *shrugs*

  2. I love me some Michelle and it is because people use to mess with her, that drew me to her, I feel the same way about Ciara. Both of these young ladies have always been pretty positive representation of Black Women and the amount of hate they get to me is so unreal. Michelle seems to be a genuinely sweet person and I am glad that she is getting help and wish her the best both emotionally and professionally. She is in a hard spot being in the shadow of the Earth’s Biggest Superstar but she always handle herself with class and grace.

  3. What’s the tea on her husband being a far right supporter?? I’ve read some tea but would like confirmation

  4. I wish her well and I commend her for seeking assistance in managing her depression. Depression is very serious and I hope others give people the space and support to manage it.

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