chris sails with the nice tails?

i never heard of chris sails until recently.
i learned he’s a youtube sensation who has about 2 mill subs.
his stans are like serious too.
he dated another youtuber named queen,
who they have a cub,
but she is now dating this wolf:

…and i don’t blame her,
at all.
clarence is a teenage dream.
their stans are like intense too.
well a foxholer was telling me how chris has a nice tail.
you can’t tell me that because a fox gets curious.
this is what i came across sniffing around…

some straight wolves have the biggest accidental bunz.
maybe it’s all that basketball
you know i love a wolf with a nice bunz.
i don’t blame her on biting it.

that’s something i would do.
well it turns out chris tail is sort of “a thing”:

oh my.
if you know you got it,
flaunt tf outta it.
very nice chris.

lowkey: queen seems to like a nice tail on her wolf.
she got clarence sagging one day too on her snap.
i feel her!

check out chris on: youtube
videos and gifs: the male ass haul

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “chris sails with the nice tails?”

  1. they were together for years and looked good together…sad that they broke up but he she’s doing her thing kudos to her

  2. Word around town is Chris (and Clarence) like t-girls. Queen does look like one so I guess that’s why they tolerate miss thing.

    1. I didn’t know she was that fat. She really hypes herself up and she’s not all that.

  3. This couple has to be one of the most annoying people who I don’t care for. They’re those people who you aren’t interested in but keep popping up on your timeline because the people who you follow keep up with them. I was OVER it when the shade room started posting Queen Naija and her music. Some of the YouTube mess needs to stay away from news the pertains to public figures who we see on TV & large media platforms.

    Clarence aint all that either and his attitude is trash. Light skin & scruffy beards can’t always save you.

    I feel like their audiences are mainly teens anyway, I’m 21 and feel old if I kept up with them. I’m younger than them but still feel uncomfortable hearing about them lol

  4. Umm. Ya know. I’ve been wondering. You know just it’s hard for me to explain. Maybe this is because of my new mindset to enlightenment or something but I watched the videos and didn’t find him the least bit arousing nor his behind.

  5. I thought Chris was cute until he starts talking plus her talking about how he doesn’t like black girls and doesn’t shower/bath like that imma pass.

    The new one is kind of cute but there is better out there.

    1. ^oh God no…
      not showering tho.

      it’s a shame these folks don’t allegedly like blacks,
      but it’s their main fan base.
      black vixens especially.

  6. I don’t like her colorist ass. She’s said some very derogatory things about black women in the past, so fuck her ugly ass. I do know that her new man, who’s also a colorist, does have more cake than the her ex though. Honestly, fuck all of them. Tired of this bullshit going on in the black community.

      1. Black people stan and cape for people to their own detriment. They do the same with the Kardashians. Making all that money off black women and dont even like black women.

    1. Yup. She is very “woe is me. don’t hate me because im mixed” type.

      Clarence is very color struck as well, and although Chris has a nice behind, he was a loser. He started dating Parker McKenna from My Wife & Kids until they broke up.

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