don’t get hit by some run away car because of #dotheshiggy

look at God.
everyone’s main goal for summer 2018 is to #dotheshiggy.
because of shiggy,
drake got the number one record because of this challenge.
he cut that check???
i’m glad he met up with shiggy to show his appreciation:

what accent is that drake?
as you know,
i love the challenge.
i’ve seen some interesting videos thus far.
folks been getting out of moving cars to attempt it and…

we gotta be careful not to get hit by a run away car with this.
folks are getting out on the highway:

the daredevils are giving it a try:

…but everyone has been having fun overall:

i like when we can all come together and enjoy ourselves.
of course.

lowkey: i’ve seen some cuties doing it.
this hunter:

…and even the stripping wolves:

i’d like more please.

check out all via x twitter

Author: jamari fox

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