this is us and i’m okay with it

there is a show that everyone has been telling me about.
karaoke was the first to rave about it,
but when she told me she always cries watching it,
i was like:

“aww hell nah”

jamari fox can tear up watching a movie trailer.
so with this show,
i felt i was going to ignore for my own emotions.
as time went on,
i was seeing more talk of the show,
along with getting renewed for like 2 seasons ahead.
everyone i spoke too mentioned it during different conversations.
now that i have free time,
i started to watch last night…

“this is us”
i’m only two episodes in,
but i really like it so far.
i didn’t cry yet,
but i’m sure some emotional sucker punch is coming.
i see why folks rave about sterling k. brown.
that speech he gave his father got me.
that part when he running on the treadmill>>>>

i’ll allow it (and the show too).

low-key: milo ventimiglia,
who plays the father…

he is sexy too.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “this is us and i’m okay with it”

      1. Let us know when you get to the Memphis episode. When i tell you I balled like a toddler who lost his ballon. It was so real.

          1. wow i legit cried so hard at that episode.
            that was very powerful.
            i gotta pause the show for a while because that one hit close to home for me.

  1. Survivor’s Remorse is the show to watch while you wait for Insecure. Funny moments, serious moments, “They did that!” moments. And fills the void Grownish could never.

    1. Survivor’s Remorse was such a good show!!!! Talk about something Netflix shoulda grabbed…not a weak link in the cast (except maybe Mike Epps). It made me a fan of Erica Ash.

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