chris sails doesn’t look like sideshow bob anymore

i guess this cums just in time for hump day.
chris sails,
who is the youtubing and music making wolf,
part time problematic,
is pretty daggone handsome.
between both clarence and him,
who is queen naija‘s baby daddies,
i’d say he was better looking.
well he finally did something that i’m glad for…

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chris sails use to have an old gay keeping him cute?

is chris sails allegedly gay?
well that’s what clarence fonted on twitter.
i know you’re probably like “who?”.
it’s a couple youtube attentionistos who got into it yesterday.
so a little background:

queen naija use to be married to chris sails

they have a cub together
they were huge on the youtube chitlin circuit

they ended up breaking up over alleged cheating
they both sing
she got with attentionisto clarencenyc

she is currently pregnant by him
they are now huge on the youtube chitlin circuit

so of course,
there would be some animosity through the exes.
it came full circle yesterday on twitter tho.
a ton of shots were thrown,
but clarence revealed this

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chris sails with the nice tails?

i never heard of chris sails until recently.
i learned he’s a youtube sensation who has about 2 mill subs.
his stans are like serious too.
he dated another youtuber named queen,
who they have a cub,
but she is now dating this wolf:

…and i don’t blame her,
at all.
clarence is a teenage dream.
their stans are like intense too.
well a foxholer was telling me how chris has a nice tail.
you can’t tell me that because a fox gets curious.
this is what i came across sniffing around…
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