chris sails doesn’t look like sideshow bob anymore

i guess this cums just in time for hump day.
chris sails,
who is the youtubing and music making wolf,
part time problematic,
is pretty daggone handsome.
between both clarence and him,
who is queen naija‘s baby daddies,
i’d say he was better looking.
well he finally did something that i’m glad for…

he finally cut that mop off his head.
he looks like like a whole buffet to me now.
i love a wolf with a fresh ceasar or low cut.

He has the best tail in the Youtube business


i see why queen couldn’t take her paws off it.

low-key: i’d imagine my wolf would be sick of me grabbing on his stuff.
he better get use to it!

pictures cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “chris sails doesn’t look like sideshow bob anymore”

    1. I guess that’s what he wanted. It’s obvious they stalk each other’s lives. Queen was running around acting and talking like Chris’ new chick for a moment too. They need to just move in together and be on some sister wives husband shit.

      Phatty or not, I still wouldn’t touch Chris (or Clarence) with a 10 foot dick… especially Chris with that perpetual cough he has.

      I have teenage nieces and nephews and they’re into these people. I had to idea grown ass adults were watching their channels.

  1. He cut off the mop but still got the rug…. I’m one of the few who find excessively long beards unattractive. I personally still find clean cut and trimmed men sexier. His butt looks nice.

      1. I’m fine with afros and what not, I just don’t like long beards. I like curly hair. My bf had soft hair but I don’t like beards. I’ve had afros, got braided and what not but a long beard, God no! 🤣 They just look so ugly on most men, but that’s just my personal views. I can see others think the opposite.

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