xilla valentine, welcome to your tape?

people don’t know how to handle fame.
they get a little power and the hidden sociopath or narcissist comes flying out.
when you take on the role as “the chosen one“,
i don’t care who you are and what your career is…

You need to live up to those high standards.

even if you don’t want to be a role model,
you still have to act like a leader.
it always baffles me when people climb to higher heights within their careers,
especially black folks who know how hard it is to be giving a shot,
to end up throwing it all away so easier being assholes.
that’s like one of my (ex) blogging heroes who got caught up on twitter.
xilla valentine,
welcome to your tape…

so i admired xilla from afar.
he was a popular blogger for “global grind” who rose up the journalist ladder.
last i saw,
he was interviewing actors for their latest releases.


so you can imagine my surprise when he i met him.
i was star struck because this was someone who inspired in my own career.
the first time i was introduced to him was last year.
i said after we shook hands:

“I know who this is.
This is the legendary BlogXilla.”

you know he ate that shit up.
i meant every word tho because that’s who he was for me.

the second time,
his head entered the room before he did.
i don’t “do” folks who think they’re better.
when i tried to say “wassup“,
he treated me like i was one of the help.
he only spoke to the “cool kids“.
it’s a little disheartening when you meet your heroes and they act that way.

It was until two vixens I’m cool with told me about his alleged pervy ways

one told me she allegedly reached out for career guidance,
but he was trying to sleep with her instead.
the other had a similar story as well.
they also tried their best to avoid him when he was in the room.
so between his attitude and the whispers,
it tarnished the image i had of him so i banished him with the quickness.

When I’m turned off,
I’m turned TF off.

fast forward to yesterday and i was sent these tweets:

i’m sure there are more if you go digging.
it didn’t help he put out this alleged statement on his twitter either:

you aren’t some commoner doing social media press releases sir.
this is a serious matter so you need to contact your lawyer.

there is  a lot more mess that followed those tweets.
i’m very disappointed that this is his tape.
he had one job and it looks like he used it to be a pervert.
vixens throw the pussy at the dusties for less to nothing.
i always assumed he was gay,
but clearly i was wrong.
this all led me to wonder about the people we look up to.
there is a saying that goes:

Never meet your heroes,
because they’re sure to disappoint you

i think you should meet them because that’s when you can see their characters.
it’s like meeting a celeb and they are NASTY behind the scenes.
people who are about the fuck shit always have whispers.

they often leave a trial of destruction behind them.
all in all,
i’m starting to realize that we need to be our own heroes.
we can admire people,
but place them on a pedestal and they might ruin that image you had of them.

See: all social medias and the highlight reels that follow.

 so if all of these allegations are true,
i hope all of the victims of xilla valentine can find peace and closure in telling their story.
very sad.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “xilla valentine, welcome to your tape?”

      1. This person is DEFINITELY trolling you, Jamari. Who hasn’t heard of having heroes or idols in your preferred industry?

        1. ^smh.

          when i read that comment,
          i was like “huh?????”.
          oprah’s hero was maya angelou and she made it clear what she meant to her.
          michael jackson was james brown.
          i was like maybe i used the wrong phrasing.

  1. Did you see how a podcast he was on, came back to haunt him? He said if a woman goes out on 3 dates she is obligated to sleep with him in 3 different positions. It’s not only him. It sounds like MeToo is coming to the urban journalism realm. Power corrupts..or does it show who you really were?

    1. ^his whole downfall is so wild to me.

      he was very rude and arrogant tho when i saw him the second time.
      folks have been telling me stories about his behavior and my mind is BLOWN.
      The Universe got him and chrisstylez right TF outta here.

      when people have power,
      and then already had questionable characters,
      it just enhances it.
      regular people would get sex off the perks of their fame and power.
      you don’t have to do anything but show up and someone will fuck you just off the strength.
      the atrentionistos on IG have power in numbers and likes.
      they don’t have to do anything to get sex.
      these two had questionable characters and the power took it into high gear.

  2. Please keep updating this story. BlogXill blocked me on twitter and Instagram for aligning myself with supporting the victims, which is fine, but where my concern lies is that soooo many black journalist and popular social commentators are still following that man on social media, and they are not talking about these allegations on their platform.

    I’ve been checking the hashtag and i even posted about it on my platform. It feels like they either don’t care, or don’t want to acknowledge it because they may have been complicit in him being able to get away with predatory behavior for years.

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