xilla valentine, welcome to your tape?

people don’t know how to handle fame.
they get a little power and the hidden sociopath or narcissist comes flying out.
when you take on the role as “the chosen one“,
i don’t care who you are and what your career is…

You need to live up to those high standards.

even if you don’t want to be a role model,
you still have to act like a leader.
it always baffles me when people climb to higher heights within their careers,
especially black folks who know how hard it is to be giving a shot,
to end up throwing it all away so easier being assholes.
that’s like one of my (ex) blogging heroes who got caught up on twitter.
xilla valentine,
welcome to your tape…
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how do we know we aren’t canceling innocent folks over lies?

when social media gets on a wave,
do we get on that wave.
we will surf that muthafucka until we wipe clean out.
as of late,
i’ve been thinking of social media’s obsession with canceling others.
some days,
i can’t keep up with everyone who gets canceled.
don’t get me wrong,
some deserve their cancelations.
merely riled up a group of “sjws”.
social justice warriors for those who don’t know.
it reminds me that we truly never left high school.

You weren’t part of the popular crowd if you didn’t fit in/follow the crowd

this leads me to dangers of the “#metoo/times up” movement…

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was ariana grande the live example of #metoo yesterday?


Did we witness Ariana Grande allegedly get molested on live tv yesterday?

well the survey is saying “maybe”.
this may have all happened in plain view at a funeral.
it happened after ariana performed “natural woman” at aretha’s homegoing.
the host at the funeral,
bishop charles ellis III

grabbed her to say a few words after her performance.
this is a clip of the suggested aftermath…

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Stan Lee Trying To Ruin “Black Panther” Out Here With The Antics!

it was michael b jordan and who he stickin’ his pipe in.
most of us didn’t care.
on the day pre sale tickets to “black panther” roll out,
stan lee gets caught up in an alleged scandal.
a “#metoo” kind of alleged scandal.
this is what “page six” has to say…
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