was ariana grande the live example of #metoo yesterday?


Did we witness Ariana Grande allegedly get molested on live tv yesterday?

well the survey is saying “maybe”.
this may have all happened in plain view at a funeral.
it happened after ariana performed “natural woman” at aretha’s homegoing.
the host at the funeral,
bishop charles ellis III

grabbed her to say a few words after her performance.
this is a clip of the suggested aftermath…

when i watched it live,
i thought she looked very uncomfortable.
i don’t know if it was being dragged to the podium or what.
she looked caught off guard by the whole thing.
peep her mouth and how she’s looking back in the clip.
her body language didn’t look welcoming with him either.
why did he have to hug her anyway?
he didn’t hug faith hill or the other performers after.
upon further investigation,
he should kept his paws to himself.
no reason why he is hugging her for that long up there.
if he was gonna lead her up to the podium,
he should have put his paw on the small of her back.
no hugging
was particularly needed.
maybe he did it because she was nervous?
the joke he made about her being on “taco bell” was tasteless too.
he tried to be funny/shady and it backfired on him.

he didn’t give me a good vibe at all.
i’ll wait for the alleged “stories”.

lowkey: wasn’t his wife like across from him too?
all a mess.

9 thoughts on “was ariana grande the live example of #metoo yesterday?

  1. Pure overreaction. You really think this grown man would attempt to molest this small lady on live television in front of millions? I’m sure he didn’t mean to grab her near her breasts, she’s a petite woman so I’m sure her waist wasn’t in his reach. Goddamn people are so bored these days they complain about every damn thing. It really wasn’t that deep NEXT.

    The Taco Bell comment was petty lol but oh well.

    I’m not a tactile person so I don’t like touching people unless warranted but I honestly don’t see the issue here. I personally prefer my personal space but I’m not that bothered if I’m touched (when its appropriate). I’m 6’4 so thanks to height privilege the whole #MeToo thing never crosses my mind but I can see why it does for others who are shorter and smaller. When you’re a tall grown man, fear of sexual harassment is one of the last things to ever cross your mind (if it even does) in everyday life because usually its other people who are fear you lol.

    1. Just because YOU don’t see the issue doesn’t mean there is no issue. You don’t like to be touched but it’s not a big deal when somebody else is touched inappropriately. That’s really selfish. It doesn’t matter what he intended to do but what he actually did. If you don’t see the issue with that you’re part of the problem. And thinking because you tall and big it can’t happen to you, ask Terry Crews and think again.

      1. I SAID WHAT I SAID. There was NO issue. Its just you internet crybabies making BS outta nothing as usual. She was NOT touched inappropriately. Quit babying her like she was this defenceless child who was locked in a cell. Give me a break! YOU are part of the real problem in this PC culture, go cry me a river with your 140 characters like the rest of the SJW keyboard warriors on Twitter.

        What happened to Terry Crews was an in-house issue that mainly happens in Hollywood. Realistically speaking no man is going to go and randomly grab his balls in the real world unless he’s in some sort of openly gay vicinity (bar/club etc.)

        Get real.

  2. I don’t know if I can say this is a “MeToo” moment but it was definitely inappropriate and on the borderline. I think people think that it has to be on overt sexual advance to be “Metoo” but I think when you make someone feel uncomfortable by touching or comments you have crossed the line. He is a man of the cloth and on national television at the funeral of the “Queen of Soul”. If he wanted to make her feel welcome he should have just asked the audience to give her some additional applause. He did not have to grab on to her or say that comment about her name. If this is how grown men act out in public while millions are watching I can imagine what they do in private. I am a nobody but I would not grab on to any man or woman or anybody like that at church or work.

  3. I mean we do know from history that church pastors can be a bit….much at times. Black and White.

    I remember years ago, this older white guy got too comfy with me and rubbed on my shoulders for a bit from behind at the museum while I was viewing the slave plantation exhibit and I yanked back and said, “Keep your hands off me.” in front of a few people.

    He looked shocked. His wife came over and was like we are so glad to know someone else is here from our hometown.

    I’m a country boy and generally we are welcoming like that, especially in my state but I been in the city too long and had developed that extra defensiveness and got the #metoo syndrome quick.
    It was all good though. I eased myself and kept up the Convo. Hubbie was still in shock though.

    Just don’t go touching people without their permission. The pastor was wrong and if I didn’t have the thought lingering in my mind…It comes off as pervvy too..🤔

  4. The Taco Bell comment threw me for a loop. You shouldn’t make fun of peoples names. Us black people would have gone off if that was a white church and a white pastor made fun of a black singers name. I had a friend named Rhakeldria and a substitute teacher literally asked her “and what kind of name is that”. Rhakeldria played it off because she knows her name is unusual, but it was still wrong.

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