xilla valentine, welcome to your tape?

people don’t know how to handle fame.
they get a little power and the hidden sociopath or narcissist comes flying out.
when you take on the role as “the chosen one“,
i don’t care who you are and what your career is…

You need to live up to those high standards.

even if you don’t want to be a role model,
you still have to act like a leader.
it always baffles me when people climb to higher heights within their careers,
especially black folks who know how hard it is to be giving a shot,
to end up throwing it all away so easier being assholes.
that’s like one of my (ex) blogging heroes who got caught up on twitter.
xilla valentine,
welcome to your tape…
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He Slapped The Taste Out My Mouth Because I Called Him A Bitch Ass… You Know.

i know an assertive attitude makes a wolf’s dick hard.
i’m serious.
even vixens get a little wet.
people like it when you can put them in their place.
walk away from them with no fucks to give.
men in general are filled with testosterone.
anything that will raise it up a little keeps the juices flowing.
you know how much that turns people on?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YeXa6AyawA]

a few readers said they like their man to grab them up on occasion.

the issue of checking phones came up in this recent blogxilla interview.
joe budden said he has no issue breaking his vixen’s phone….

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