i’m not suckin’ your d*ck like you use to

i’ve been meditating,
taking my cbd oil,
and trying to get my life in order through therapy.
i’m trying to be a zen place as of late,
but comments like ^that really fuckin’ annoy me.
i usually ignore shit like this,
but i felt inclinded to respond…



that’s all i saw within that comment.
there was no:

“hey jamari,
how are you?
i know you’ve been dealing with a lot,
and people are dying and all,

but are you good?”

you have been following me for all these years and this is how you come at me?
like an abusive husband?

“You use to bend me over,
suck my dick from the back,
swallow all of my nut,
and the make me breakfast.
since you don’t do that anymore,
can you direct me to someone who will?”

last month,
i got the highest stats i ever had on the foxhole.
i have been bustin’ my entire tail everyday.
i wrote an entry i felt passionate about since it hit close to home.
there were other entries on my agenda,
but my day ended up getting ahead of me and i had some shit going on.
i do run this show as a solo act with no team since i started.
some days will be 1,
or maybe even 6 entries.
i have no job at the moment,
gotta put together a media kit,
look for ads and sponsorships,
and still deal with my own shit during the day.
no excuses,
but you woulda known this if you would have asked me in an email.
if you want porn and nudes,
and i’m not suckin’ your dick like you use to,
you are more than welcomed to take yourself over to lpsg or pornhub.
that might be more your speed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “i’m not suckin’ your d*ck like you use to”

    1. ^like,
      i love sex but i don’t have to talk about it all the time.
      some days,
      i don’t even want to see another male.

      it’s like,
      are we just supposed to be sex toys?

      1. LPSG is racist in my opinion, they love to ban all the black guys meanwhile the white threads are allowed to post whatever. You need to start a Forum part 4 us and only us!

  1. Fuck these loose ass sexually frustrated losers. They want smut then they have countless options and websites to peruse from. They want erotica than go buy some but dont send a tasteless message on someone’s blogs because all you want is sex. Honestly its nice to see a gay blogger that’s well rounded. It seems damn near every gay webseries and or etc has gone from solid storytelling to dry porn with porn actors

  2. Being a follower of the Foxhole since 2012, Jamari you and Insidejamarifox are doing what’s it’s supposed to be doing evolving. I appreciate the last 8 years of you and the foxhole, I look forward to the next 8.

  3. I don’t get it…..well first…” Hey Jamari..how are you? In the meantime…you want your readers to be that endeared to you…when it was only a short while ago you finally let us see what you look like? I think you should have taken the criticism and moved on. The person only highlighted what you introduced us to and that’s what he and probably many of us would like…
    he didn’t call you outta of your name but you in your ZEN PLACE calls him an idiot. …really? wow.

    1. ^just last week,
      we were talking about safaree’s onlyfans.
      we have been talking sex,
      and other things on que.
      nothing has changed besides how i display content.
      this was never a porn blog to beginning with so i’m confused marcello.
      instead of him doing that,
      my emails and dms are open.
      i talk to my supporters all day.
      he could have been one as well.

  4. Agreed with marcello… as much as everyone has to evolve and grow within themselves… he wasnt being mean and doesnt have to inquire about your personal welfare although that would be nice. It shouldnt be taken to heart when he was inquiring same as he shouldnt take to heart that u are more than just a porn blog… but dont put gifs showing subtle shade to a follower or followers who been with u from the start … ..he was only clearing his thoughts as to what we were used to seeing on your blog regularly and that drew him and I bet many others who gave your blog attention. I still appreciate your work with or without sex stories so forth .

  5. You have to separate the person from the brand. The person took this personal. The brand states “Thank you for your reply”.

  6. This reminds me of people saying Mary J. Blige needs to go back on crack to make music she can relate to and she was “too happy”. They said the same for Keyshia Cole. You see people saying Adele’s next album will be fire because she got divorced. People don’t want you in a good place as that’s “boring”. The place you’re is one all of us rational people who aren’t “wah wah, I’m bored”

    I remember not wanting to travel for work around Spring Break because I was going to be put up with a coworker I didn’t want to be in a room with and if your job’s paying, you be quiet and deal with it. Everything hit the fan then. That Friday told it was canceled, then everything started shutting down. We’ll be back up in 2 weeks. Then March 30th. Fast forward to May 1st and so many have been lost and it feels like a bad nightmare you can’t wake up from. Part of me feels guilty for wanting the trip to be canceled like I caused this.

    It’s okay to not be okay. And it’d be fake for you to do so. Jamari, be yourself. Nobody knows how to manage or deal with this situation. Do the best you can and if you need to take a break from posting as it feels like pressure to maintain a front, take a break.

    In the words of Pink, “You’re not here for his entertainment”.

  7. There comes a point when you have to mature.

    All that shit mentioned is only interesting in your 20s.

    If you want that kind of content twitter is full of it.

    Besides this is FREE content, no one is paying any of Jamari’s bills.

    This is not onlyfans, despite the fact some of y’all GLADLY pay 10-15 bucks a month to see somebody just play with their dick anyway. 🙄😂

  8. Hi Jamari-How are you today?
    I luv your blog but you must be able to take criticism. That’s the only way we can grow. He was being honest, he noticed a difference in your blog and told you about it.
    Would you rather him not say anything?

    I read your blog daily and enjoy it alot!
    I can only imagine the fire you have coming for us now on your blog. I’m excited about it!

    P.S not saying you don’t post “Fire” now 😉
    Stay safe and know we luv you!

  9. One last thing. Regardless if we agree or disagree with how you handled the situation or even agree or disagree with the person who wrote the feedback. At the end of the motherfuckin day we all love and appreciate you for this platform and want nothing but the best for you and this blog. 🤗🤗

  10. I’m sorry but there’s a fine line between constructive criticism and disrespect. I read that person’s email as disrespect. It was rude, presumptuous and condescending. His argument was lost in the delivery. IJS is a personal blog for Jamari. The site incorporates all the things the person listed, in addition to Jamari’s personal reflections. If that person wants the smut (i’m not not judging) exclusively, there are plenty of other sites for that. I’ve been a fan of this blog for years and this site was never what that person is describing. He must be new here.

    Sometimes Jamari’s posts lean more towards gossip, often we get the personal stuff, other times he incorporates politics or social issues. It truly depends on his mood, what he’s going through, etc. Honestly if you’ve been following this blog long enough you can literally tell based on his posts what mood he’s in.

    Let’s all relax and enjoy the community he’s created.

    1. ^i really appreciate how you figured out i post due to my moods atl.

      you definitely understand how i do what i do in the foxhole.
      that made me smile.
      thank you for taking notice of that.

      1. I am baffled at how people are coming at you in this comment section. You received an unwarranted entitled disrespectful message, but you are the bad guy for being annoyed. I understand where you are coming from, and you have every right to voice your feelings. This blog is called “inside” Jamari fox after all. If you can’t be open and honest here where can you be open honest.

  11. Y’all need to realize all criticism isn’t valid criticism. Firstly, as Jamari said, if what he’s posting isn’t meeting the standard you expect you can feel free to search for somewhere else that will. Secondly, Criticism with veiled advice is just rude. “Be a buddy” & direct y’all to someone else, this isn’t 2012 there isn’t some sort of blogspot friendship list for him to post for y’all. Brands evolve. If Jamari is trying to attract a different crowd and attention he has to do things DIFFERENTLY. If that makes y’all uncomfortable or leaves you unsatisfied than perhaps IJF is no longer the blog for you.

  12. clears throat 🗣IF I WANTED NOTHING BUT DICK PICS ID TAKE MY ASS TO “FREAK BLACK TWITTER”. That being said Jamari DO NOT listen to this poster! I enjoy the plethora of other content you have on this site, I ENJOY the updates about your life! We ARE ALL GETTING OLDER and there are NEW things in my life that I RELATE to on this blog besides sex!!! If all that poster lives for is seeing a new man naked then they need to do some soul searching, cause at the end of the day we done seen every Dick Size, Shape, width and Color on this blog, it’s nice to show we Are more well ROUNDED

  13. That comment was exceptionally rude. Do they forget that this is a personal blog n not NOT or TSR?

    The impudence to even talk about “list other pages for us by us”. N the fact that ppl in the comments are talking about how it’s criticism.

    Pass me with that negative shit.

  14. I love this blog and I also love how responsive JamariFox is. I have sent him several tips for stories and he does check them out and has posted a few. I also like how he responds to posters in real time. I think the person sending that note was a bit disrespectful, and while he doesn’t like the current run of stories, it is Jamari’s blog, and you do get a mix so just give it time. I hope all the posters and readers are doing OK. It’s a strange and scary world out there right now.

  15. The hate mail never stops I see. Why are folks so damn sex crazied??? As it has been pointed out, there are other blogs and social media sites to go to that will have the content you are looking for. Jamari, keep posting the content you want and the ones that are satisfied will keep reading.

  16. I do look at this blog just about everyday, being honest. But the thing is, you are not entitled to do whatever they want you to do. They did not take the time to do all of this. Driver’s privilege.

    Plus, that person could have been nicer about it.

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