erica mena wants to show us her juicy empanada with her husband’s jamaican beef patty

the couple that does onlyfans together; stays together?
so when beyonce dropped this line in the “savage remix” yesterday:

“Hips tik tok when I dance,
On that Demon Time,
she might start an OnlyFans (OnlyFans…”

i knew it was ON.
i said to someone the other day that if b or rih did an “onlyfans” for bts footage,
or even mentioned it in a song,
that it would become over-saturated.
 look at the Universe coming through.
i guess safaree inspired his wife,
erica mena,


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isn’t she a new mother?
i’m not surprised at all.
peep some the comments:

sex work is in!

All i ask is some sexy ass wolves make Onlyfans

the non-scamming sexy ass wolves only.
give me some good sex videos and i’ll be happy.
none of this mid shit they’re passing off as
i’m not impressed with some of the dusties who dominate currently.

low-key: look at the price of this for 1 picture:

i mean,
she is a “name”,
if safaree and erica aren’t fuckin’ tho,

she can keep it.

go to erica’s onlyfans: here

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5 thoughts on “erica mena wants to show us her juicy empanada with her husband’s jamaican beef patty”

  1. This just proves that these people are making fools of themselves and barely getting a check. I would have negotiated a producer clause at this point. She’s been on there forever. I guarantee Mrs. Mona Scott will NEVER be on OnlyFans.

    Off-topic: I brought patties to a work function last year and people kept calling them empanadas and I felt my coworkers were the most uncultured bunch to walk the face of the earth. That’s like going to a Brazilian restaurant and asking for tacos. Learn your meat filled pastries!

  2. “isn’t she a new mother?”

    I did not see that question for safaree, just saying.

    Anyway i just pray the Lord He never puts me in a position where my last resort is onlyfans or any type of porn. I’m not judging them but it’s just not for me.

    1. Because Men & Women are different, Safaree doesn’t have that New Born Baby still Suckling at his breast, nor did he push it out, AND men cannot have reputations as “sluts” or “loose” so it’s just off putting seeing a women that recently gave birth ready to get into sex work

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