she learned while she working, that jamaican pipe was daggering everyone

i don’t “do” going to collect my cheating man from his horz crib.
i been working all day and you repay me by fuckin’ someone else?
well this married vixen went to collect her hubby from his horz house in bk.

“10 year green card…”
“2 year green card…”
“all i do is work and all he do is come is here.
i work and pay all the bills and all he do is fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…”
“3 jobs to make this muthafucka look good…”

i’m so embarrassed for her.
is she really doing this during the rona?
a full face mask on and she is banging on doors for her philandering hubby?
her hubby is jamaican.
not for nothing…

Jamaican males can be notorious cheatttterrrrrssssss

i mean,
all island males are a mess,
but jamaican males can be a whole nother level.
they can be sexy af and the pipe can be a1.
island folks fuck like how we dance



x you see how jamaican top be doing

x see more here

…but the males got a reputation of sharing that dick or booty with everyone.
island males will fuck you like you the only one.
they give that consistent daggering mixed with mind games which is what hooks you.

Next thing you know,
you co-signing a lease to a car for him to be dick on delivery

now i don’t know if the american-born jamaicans are bad,
but the ones straight off “air jamaica” be a mess.
she shoulda had his shit on the sidewalk with the locks changed.
he can figure how to move his shit to his horz crib during the rona.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “she learned while she working, that jamaican pipe was daggering everyone”

  1. DWRCL….. WHOA…. funny thing is he goes home, she goes home, they quarrel, he calms her down, he fucks her, she forgets everything…..DWRCL…Don’t worry about her. She’ll be alright as soon as she settles down and sees his dick…most women get weak when they see thew dick…she is the cause for him to fuck outside..why? cause she believes all his fucking lies so he gets away with it until she finds out he’s lying and then she embarrass herself …SMFH

    1. ^absolutely right.
      these vixens be barking,
      but they get a serious dick down and forget the whole thing.
      she’ll do that same shit again until she is ready to leave him alone,
      which will probably be never.

  2. EXCUSE ME! The only thing I cheat on is food with more food. I’m stubborn but loyal and 100% monogamous.

  3. That was amazing . I feel her pain though. I would never ” Stream my evidence”{ These fools have this urge to document everything.]

  4. I like her humor to the video and puttin him on blast. Honestly for someone working three jobs you definitely got to know what your hubby is doing. Had a sibling cosign a car and find her husband with another girl and divorce him only to be back together. I see this too often black community and there are better man for her.

  5. Girl let that man cheat in peace, cause he ain’t going nowhere and neither are you ! 🥴

  6. These comments are troubling. We don’t think we deserve to be treated with respect or that we’ll get another shot, so we accept the trash we think we are qualified for.

    1. ^she doesn’t think she deserves to be treated with respect,
      which is why she is settling for his trash.
      i’ve seen people put up with nonsense until they’re ready to go.

      lowkey but this is really normal in carribean households with cheaters too.
      my mother’s jackal friend,
      who is also from barbados,
      was a high key cheater.
      he would go out at night and i promise you,
      he would end up inside someone’s pussy by the end of the night.
      his wife knew and it got to the point she didn’t care anymore.

  7. I just want talk about that first dancing video and how easily he was lifting her…they both got me a little hot and flustered

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