life has a way of shitting on all those who hurt your feelings (that feeling is better than sex)

you think karma is just for the one who hurt you,
but it can ricochet and hit many targets.
all you need to do is bow out gracefully and move on with your life.
have you ever been in a situation where…

…people defended someone for their bad behavior,
or didn’t take it serious because you were involved,
but they ended up getting fucked over and they wanna tell you all about it?

…the “popular one” or “cool kid” reeks havoc in other folks lives,
but their followers turn the other cheeks and don’t say a word.
As soon as the “popular one” betrays them,
suddenly everyone is playing the victim?
andre leon talley vs anna wintour is the ( x perfect example ).

what about…

…the siblings or the family members that can do no wrong,
but you are often “the bad one” because you call out the contradictions.
As soon as that sibling or family member burns someone in the family,
suddenly they want to “believe everything you had to say”?

karma has a way of exposing everyone for their dumb ass decisions.
folks love to coddle the villain,
but as soon as the villain does what a villain does,
suddenly they’re clutching pearls and holding a hand on the bible.

I have always been the one to call out the bullshit,
but folks always choose someone else over me.

narcs and sociopaths are good at making people believe they are the innocent one.
usually when someone else is a demon,
but i’m painted that way for whatever reason.
as soon as all hell breaks loose,
those same folks want to call me to badmouth who they choose.

I’ll listen and egg it on

… and then their number is erased shortly after.
that’s an automatic banishment.
what’s gonna happen when the stakes are higher and the demon is more powerful?
i’m not sticking around to find out.

I know some of the foxhole has dealt with this.

this is truly the year of karma.
i’m being able to witness it first hand.

low-key: we see this shit play out all the time on reality tv,
and movies.
even celebs you like have watched others fall defending someone awful.

people need to learn discernment and to be objective.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “life has a way of shitting on all those who hurt your feelings (that feeling is better than sex)”

  1. Yep I got a coworker like this. I’m the bad guy for complaining about his laziness. Even to the point of the boss claiming I’m the reason people complain about him. I stopped complaining and cut my hours back so his laziness could affect me less. Now people keep coming to me about his lies. Girl bye. The moment this grown as man, who keeps saying that the women he dates need to let him be the man, feeds y’all a sob story hall will forgive him. Even though I really want to tell the fat butches off. It’s always the fat girls that fall for him and make the biggest excuses. It’s really fucking sad to watch. I skinny nigga says hi to you and y’all put up with anything .

      1. Girl I’m low key jealous. Like why can’t I be a fuck boy and get the benefit of the doubt ..why can’t I throw a pity party for myself when I fuck up do yo my own laziness. He’s not even that cute ..he looks like a 140 pound version of the light skin guys you post on here. Like you ok but there are currently 10 if you in the parking lot of target.

        It’s funny though because I use to complain non stop at work. Now I don’t say shit. I do my job and bounce. Now my coworkers coming to me with his shit and acting like I’m about to quit or blow the place up. No I come get my money and bounce. Y’all wanna sit there and vacillate between complaining about and coddling that fuck boy, do it without me.

        I will say that fuck boys get pampered in Houston. I don’t know why but if you half way decent looking people act like they don’t deserve better down here. These fuck boys in Houston would probably starve to death on the coast.

  2. I’ve met so many people like that since I’ve been living in L.A. Their status and popularity excuses their shady, underhanded, backstabbing behavior even when people are aware. On the job, it’s the same thing. I have seen so many co-workers doing drugs or drinking on the job, yet they still have jobs just because they are in with the “cool” crowd. Like you, I’ve been the one some of those same people coming crying to when they are the receiving end of crappy behavior from others, but when I was on the receiving end, no words were spoken or it was funny.

    1. I hope you told them you had work to do and sent them on their way.

      Narcissists will do the most evil imaginable and if they’re attractive or in with the right people, get excused. We see it with celebrities all the time. In our families. Circle of friends. Death to all who escape karma.

  3. Depending on my mood I can be sympathetic of their cause. However, I have a good discernment of people as well. It’s really interesting though how people I remember in the past were shady, or this and that and now they look like they got hit by a van of WTF and meanwhile I’m still hot, slim-fit and stress and financially free.

    I also feel like I have some “protection”. There have been instances where people have meant to do me dirty or harm. Nearly all have been exposed in one way or another, two have been killed. By killed, I know one of them got shot during a weekend and I think another was in an accident. One of these individuals had a hostile demeanor.

    I feel like if you keep you conscience clean, be respectful and not be rude, and haughty you should be okay for the most part.

    However, no one is immune from karma. Ive been hit with karma before, though I have had warning of my behavior & failed to correct my ways, it wasn’t long before I got a whippin.

    That was years ago but now I know if I start stepping out of line…I just shut up and sit back.

    Karma strikes in a lot of ways, even small things. You dirty things and dirty things return in your daily life, sometimes subtly or other times like a house falling on Kelly Anne.

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