one half of the now broken up, sexy gay dads, had a lot to get off his tatted chest

remember ^this pic that went viral?
those were good times.
i posted an entry on it ( x here ) in 2014.
they have since broken up.
one half of the sexy gay dads,
kordale lewis,
hopped on fb to speak his mind in a 1 on none interview

damn he struggled with coke?

am i the only one...

Who has stopped getting wrapped up in social media relationships?

straight or gay relations.
i remember constantly ask myself:

“Why is it not happening to me?”

wolves i thought were so fine turned out to be gigantic jackals,
sometimes even hyenas.
here was the couple,
with these beautiful cubs,
and there was a story behind the scenes.

this is why i try to be as transparent as possible.
social media taught me to show both the good and bad.
let folks know i struggle with self-esteem,
and my anxiety at times.
i might fall for the wrong wolf,
sleep with someone married,
or do something dumb af because i’m human.
we got wolves getting alleged nose jobs because of ig filters.
it’s a lot of pressure to keep up appearances in these social media forests.
i hope kordale was able to find some kind of peace after that rant.
he clearly had a lot to get off his chest.
it seems like he was holding in a lot.

29 thoughts on “one half of the now broken up, sexy gay dads, had a lot to get off his tatted chest

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He risked it all for the weed man. We know! How many times is he gonna tell this story that no one gives a shit about? Neither of them are sexy, and I just don’t have time to listen to his fucking country ass mush mouth.

  2. He comes off as a Bitter Betty, I don’t understand why this rant was necessary. If you wanted to answer some of the allegations against you, why not just answer them calmly and then be done with it? Instead it’s full of bragging, cussing, bad reads, name-calling, vague attacks, and so on. Instead of making him look real and telling him story, it makes him look like a total mess. I hope he finds peace, especially given that he’s got all those kids.

  3. I didn’t have anything left on Netflix to watch during this lockdown so I listened to 7 minutes of this dude and he’s toxic af. He keeps referencing money, cars, designer drugs and white people as if those things are barometers to success. I just can’t, and I won’t lol

  4. I knew him at one point in my life and I will say this. He is crazy. Like literally he’s been diagnosed as being schizophrenic. Kaleb might notve been and most likely wasn’t perfect and cheated too. But kordale is a legit psychopath.

  5. Laughing when you talking about being too high/sick at your own party so you couldn’t respond to a gunfight.

    You saying you get with a lot of people “…brown ones and ugly ones” then immediately say you’re not a colorist?

    What the hell is ugly ones” supposed to mean when we’ve just use color as an identifier in the previous 2 words?

    This man is messy. Messy and trashy and he didn’t need to post this online for the world to laugh at him. smdh

      1. Absoluetely not. Video one I skimmed around for about 20 minutes. Video 2 i ignored completely.

        I can only take so much of a hot mess monthly. He he was the remainder of my quota.

  6. Boredom is a phase in every relationship if you are in it long enough. The male gay community is so much about instant gratification, so when relationships get boring neither partner knows what to do. The easiest thing to do is cheat or just break up instead of work on problems and communicate.

  7. A lot of y’all were calling them goals back then too smh

    I was always skeptical. The gays want extravagant proposals, weddings, and parade kids around all on social media just to prove their relationships are equal to hetero relationships. Lowkey, a lot of them only like the idea of all that, not reality of it being routine and monotonous.

    1. ^many don’t even know their partners and only fell victim due to the physical aspects.
      i feel like some gays don’t date long enough to have these kind of marriages.

  8. From the video Kordale is very transparent and the video pretty much is him having enough of people judging him off rumors about why him and Kaleb are no longer together. People still see their pics and they think they are happily together when they have been separated for a long time now with no chance of getting back together. Both of them don’t bring each others name up and still won’t do it. Kaleb doesn’t like the attention. He is a home body. He could care less about the attention.

  9. Ok so let’s break this down with real info and not from the video. Kordale and Kaleb have been broken up for almost a year if not more. Kaleb moved out the house. Kordale has three kids. The two oldest girls, and his oldest boy. The other two kids are Kaleb Jr. and his baby mama son before Kaleb. All of the kids have the same mama. Which is why people are confused. The baby mama is Kordale’s ex/best friend whatever the case may be, she knows Kordale. She decided to let them have a baby together using her egg and Kaleb’s sperm. Kordale already has 3. Apparently from Kaleb’s mouth, they broke up because Kordale, the dark skinned guy for those who are lost, allegedly slept with the weed man and Kaleb found out. They worked it out but it didn’t work out. Kaleb work’s with TS Madison on a web series. They play husband and wife. Kordale now has a new boyfriend who is light skin just like Kaleb is. The new bae is taller than both of them. Kordale has been secretly posting them on snapchat. They went to Mardi Gras earlier this year and Kordale almost showed them in the shower. Kordale loves the attention. Kaleb doesn’t. If this video is about Kaleb, its a year old and both of them already moved on. Granted Kordale has been verbal about his personal issues as well. That may be the reason it didn’t work out the second time. His main issue publicly was the pigmentation on his face. He had a real hard time dealing with that but yet he made sure he hid that part. Kordale has the house with his three kids and sometimes the son his baby mama had comes over. Its rare they get pics with lil Kaleb because Kaleb has him doing a lot of things and spending time with him. He loves his son and I’m pretty sure Kaleb is spending this time with his first born. Every christmas, Kordale loves to take Christmas pictures, loves to show his house, loves to show him with his kids, loves showing that he has a Christmas three in almost every room of the house. All with different themes. Kordale definitely loves the attention. He is going through some personal issues and it may be effecting him. His big spotlight life is no more. He doesn’t get the attention he did when that viral pic came out.

  10. Look, I stopped at 5 minutes in…I am not about to sit here and watch all of that hot mess! He is simply another Milan Christopher and I am embarrassed for him. And the fact that he is separating the kids into “my biological” is truly disgusting!!!! He is the perfect example why some people should not ever be parents! Jacked up behavior before and jacked up behavior now. Grow up child! Grow up!

    1. when a grown ass man says “I was voted most popular in high school” as his justification to say he’s easy to get along with….

      like Nah bro, you looking stupid out here

  11. 5 kids in total. This son, that son, this baby mama, that baby mama.
    Chileeeee please, I’m more confused and this is just the first five minutes.
    I’m done!

    1. This entire rant should have stayed in drafts.

      Like film it, watch it, be satisfied it’s off your chest, delete it

      But no, he needed to publicize this mess and it doesn’t make him look cute.

  12. They had separated previously. So it is permanent now?

    Stories like this make make me a pessimist. How genuine are these relationships without the apps?

      1. He was the first name that popped in my head! What makes it so bad is how horrible his nose job looks.

        1. I saw that shit and he looks a mess. He even attempted to reshoot all of his “popular” photoshoots with the new nose lol. I can tell the nose he was aiming for but he doesn’t have the face for it. Post-Rona I’m sure he’ll be back under the knife at a new doctor. I just hope he doesn’t end up looking like Norwood Young.

  13. I refuse to sit here and watch all this. Can someone give me the cliff notes?

    1. lol RIGHT. i sat thru the first 10 mins and paused it. the anger and hollering was too much

      1. Right! Where the Cliffnotes? Damn bro talking and hollering for like 2 hrs straight!

  14. WOW..Well thank you for the news. didn’t know they broke up..Guess it wasn’t my business.
    I wonder why he was so upset making this video though?. I would have advised him not to make a video when he is upset..SMH….wrong move. doesn’t matter what he says now or later people will still talk because they were so called celebrity couples and they placed their lives on social media and lived for social media so why is he so upset when the same lame ass , fake ass social media comment on their relationship? ..seriously? SMH….I swear people make their lives so complicated…. SMH..he came across like a black, angry, gay, sissy male..accomplishing nothing!

    1. Lol you comment makes me want to watch the video but I still won’t. I feel like sometimes we harm people by giving them attention when they are acting out.

  15. Wow…He is something…. .I DIDNT THINK I WOULD LIKE HIM BUT!!!! I like him.

    He is very very honest and its refreshing . I rather have someone like this than a shady bitch that lies.

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