The Sexy Gay Dads Dominate Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.41.41 PMis this the future?
thats what my f-bi asked me when they sent me the story today.
well it shouldn’t be a question.
it already is.
like the straights,
the gays are now building families and children.
not everyone is ratchet.
segway into meeting kordale,
and their two daughters
Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.43.26 PM…and son!
not a lot of background on them than they all reside in atlanta.
just look at this:

45031d1380962789t-clappingthose kids are so cute!
i heard black twitter had a melt down because it.
oh well.
like everything else,
they’ll get over it.
can i just say these are some sexy gay dads.
3some night?
i’m kidding.
if only i liked kids,
i would want something like this.
well who knows what the future will bring.
id have a hard time deciding on:

“boss” or “baby gap”?
ibiza” or “infamil”?
“dolce” or “diaper genie”?
“saint tropez” or “spit up”?
tumblr_m81tt8p5If1rn95k2o1_250i know.
i know.
god is still working on me.
jamari fox just ain’t the “family fox” kind.
either way kudos to the sexy gay dads and good luck to them!

lowkey: i sense a reality show in their forecast.
i’m sure every ratchet gay is now trying to clean up their act for some kids.

follow them and their family: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “The Sexy Gay Dads Dominate Instagram”

  1. This is beautiful. It’s great to finally see two young black men in love and raising a family without giving af about anyone’s opinion. Anything is possible

  2. Some idiots are also upset that the dads are
    not wearing shirts in bathroom pics.I was like WTF my dad always walked around in boxers or pajama buttoms
    The darker one is Kordale,the boy is Kordale Jr.I am not sure who is the bio father.Their mother is in their lives.Kaleb the light skinned one says he was heterosexual( in heterosexual relationship before this one)

  3. Jamari doesn’t like kids? *crosses you off my list* Sorry bro.

    I have to mature more before I could raise a family with another man, but like I said might consider it in the future. Plus, it has to be the right dude.

  4. I don’t know which dad is sexier.I wish they could have a kid biologically to pass on all that sexiness.

    I can see the future Jamari.You’re married with one boy.You got married to a multi-ethnic multiracial top/verse.He plays a different race/ethnicity every night to get your blood flowing.

  5. This is very good to see on one hand, to show the world and other Black Gay men that there can be another side to being gay besides partying all the time. On the other hand I worry about them being in the spotlight. I know its silly but I dont want anybody to hurt them or their family unit and with all the crazies out here, I really worry about that; especially with them putting their family out there for the public to embrace and ridicule as well. I dont really feel that the children should be put out there to be teased and shunned without having the mental capacity to take it all in and know whats going on. This old world can be a cruel, mean and evil place full of hate and hurt and sometimes we can put children in situations that they are not quiet ready for.

    I have a couple of friends who were in Hetero relationships and have kids and they are in gay relationships now and the children know about it. One friend told me he worries about his children’s friends finding out and being treated different or their parents not allowing their children to associate with them. If I am honest, I still feel a little weird being around my friends children, I always wonder how do these children really feel about their fathers and their gay relationships. They seem to be well adjusted from what I can see on the surface, but I know being a teen can be a difficult time even living with str8 parents and to live with gay parents has to be a very different dynamic. I know my friends are good fathers and love their children, but I know of a young lady who mother came out and did a 360 and immersed herself into a Lesbian lifestyle and her daughter had a hard time and begged to live with her abusive father saying that her mother was no longer the mother she knew and she wanted no parts of her. I think this is why I would probably never want a child, I would not want them to be subjected to my lifestyle and teased and bullied because of it. Maybe I am buying into the hetero brainwashing that gay men shouldnt be married or have kids, I dont know, but I have mixed feelings about the whole gay marriage family thing.

    1. ^this is an excellent comment tajan.
      its crazy that we forget about this kind of thing.
      i am glad you brought this into perspective.
      i want to read more thoughts like this because when y colette brought up black twitter and their mud slinging,
      it brings you right back to reality.

      1. Dont let ignorant bigots dissuade you from starting a family.Kids get teased for a myriad of reasons.Should a biracial couple remain childless because their kids will be teased?Obviously it would be better if you raised the kids in a community with other non traditional families.I do think it will be easier for kids with Lesbian parents than Gay dads.The kids I know with Gay and Lesbian parents are doing fine and are stronger because they had to deal with the teasing.Almost 90% are Straight so far.Some of them are still young so I dont know their orientation yet.

    2. “but I know of a young lady who mother came out and did a 360 and immersed herself into a Lesbian lifestyle and her daughter had a hard time and begged to live with her abusive father saying that her mother was no longer the mother she knew and she wanted no parts of her”

      If you watched R&B Divas ATL, Monifa is in this same perdicament. She is in a relationship with a woman whom she loves dearly and they have talked about moving in together, getting married etc. But the problem is that she has a daughter that is a hardcore Christian and condemns the lifestyle. I mean Monifa is a beautiful person inside and out and is so kind to her daughter and to see her daughter sort of talk down towards and be condenscending is sad to watch.

      She even had to beg her daughter to accept her and all her daughter says is “I will pray for you”.


      1. That is sad,the older the child is the more difficult it is.Her daughter is religious also.She may come around eventually.

  6. That interview was from last year that Necole posted.I read that they told the kids ,well the girls the truth when they decided to go public.One of them spoke to Huffington Post today about the reaction to the pics

    1. Wow, I read the interview on Necole B and it was positive, but those comments afterwards are not for the weak. OMG they were beyond awful and this was the Christians. I am assuming that the majority of the commentators were Black people. Just Wow how my people are about this gay thing, I mean not taking just a few minutes to see a different perspective. I cant lie, I have seen this all my life, but for whatever reason those comments sort of broke my spirit tonight, I guess I just see it on every Black Blog that involves str8 people when a gay topic comes up, but this was lower and more hateful than usual, and this was a positive story and not even a story about a supposedly DL man doing a woman wrong where the majority of commentators really get fired up but about a loving family.

      1. Never read comments on Black gossip blogs regarding Gay issue especially NecoleBitchie,Bossip,MTO.I learned that when Frank Ocean came out.

  7. this was really cute, me and kids are a no go but i would love to have a man that loves and supports me like they do.

  8. Sorry, I don’t agree with them posting their kids on a public platform just to push their own agenda. Especially since they may not be old enough to really comprehend what’s going on.

    You protect your kids. Have they prepared them to deal with the cruel and hurtful things people can say? Or is showing everyone you’re a big, happy gay family more important?

    1. I respect your opinion but that can apply to Any parent who post pics on IG or blogs of their kids.I read mommy blogs and their kids are teased ,people call them ugly,fat,gay etc.The same applies to celebritybaby blogs and reality tv blogs,etc.These Dads are looking to get a Reality show like The McGhees on OWN.They want to show how ordinary and typical their family is.
      Its funny when LGBT want the same opportunities as Straights its labeled as pushing a poliitcal agenda.My mayor,Annise Parker,got married to her female partner of 23 years ,Thursday.I saw at least six interviews from Republican conservatives saying she got married to push her Gay Agenda on the citizens of Houston.
      When have you heard someone a Straight person got married to push their Straight Agenda or push a political position? When have you ever heard someone accuse a Straight person of “flaunting” their heterosexuality.If White Straight parents want to show off their kids (without being accused of pushing an agenda)than these Gay Dads can too ,IMO

      1. She’s also my mayor as well and I don’t even know what her kids look like to be honest and I doubt that’s by accident.

        She’s not using her kids and trying to prove some point. She’s just doing it!

        If they’re trying to get a reality show, they’re no better than Shaunie O’Neal and all those other bottom feeders who use their kids on reality tv. You’re depriving them period and I don’t respect it!

  9. How many more years are some of y’all gonna let others dictate your actions in life?

    The closet is not just about nondisclosure of sexual practices, it covers other major parts of your life. Your relationships and ability to relate as a human being. How does a fearful, ashamed, and oppressed person navigate in the world?

    Stop giving the foolish, fearful, and hateful prime real estate in your life. Even if you believe some of it. Some really believe homosexuality is wrong, wish you could change, wonder why hasn’t your god fixed you yet…and wonder why you feel stressed, depressed, and oppressed.

    One day the closet will be a coffin.

    Who are you gonna believe, the fools or the power that knew you before birth?

    Less focus on what homophobes and heterosexists think and get on with living your best life.

    Lovely family, more power to them.

    1. That was beautiful but, I’m one man that will definitely take my closet to the coffin with me.My family will forever wonder if I got down.I’m sure a few of them suspect it.

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