King James Gets Caught Up Trying To Get Some Maybe Drawz?

2dt6mp5nbc associate producer,
stacy klein,
went dry snitchin’ on king james on instagram while he was visiting the white house.
who knew the oval office was a great alleged hook up spot?

I0nR1well wait…
maybe he was getting the number to trade recipes?
okay i’ll sit down over there.

lowkey: king is getting sloppy.
all i’m sayin about this

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Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “King James Gets Caught Up Trying To Get Some Maybe Drawz?”

  1. Tajan, Zen Buddha and The Man. If you have read my comments you will note that I’m very “pro black/African/African American”. I’m 100% African American and I’m proud of that. That being said, I never play “the race card”. That is, I never say that someone got the benefit or detriment of his or her race/ethnicity without solid evidence/proof to that effect. ( Playing the race card becomes like crying wolf–exercised so often that it is devalued and ignored–even when it should be payed attention to.) Here, it could be that the producer would not have posted such comments about Tom Brady, Eli Manning or Peyton Manning but such players have a general reputation of being discreet. On the other hand, LeBron James has no such reputation. (He announced his move to Miami by a TV program and his wedding last year was an “event”.) Is it possible that his hitting up the woman for her number was not discreet but was bold and almost shouted? I think so.

    1. I kind of agree but I’m still pissed about the way ESPN treated the Ben Roethlisberger rape cases.Neither cases involved Ben being discreet in any manner yet ESPN made it clear they would only mention it once and one time only and that was because they had to.

      How can we be 100% African American.There is no such thing.

      1. Zen Buddha, African Americans are the descendants of Africans that were enslaved and brought to America. I don’t know about you, but I’m 100% African American. I don’t claim to be part white or Indian, etc. Unfortunately, many African Americans claim part this or that so as to lessen their African blood. I don’t do that shameful shit. I claim to be 100% African American. And there is such a thing! (Both of my parents were African Americans.) The other day, someone told/asked me if I were part this or that. I told that person that I’m 100% African American! I don’t see white people claiming to be part black, although many are. (In fact the average American white is 7% black and this white racist is 14% black: ) I don’t see American Indians claiming to be part black, although many are.

  2. Shame on LeBron for cheating and attempting to cheat on her again, y’all know he’s cheated already lol. Savannah is a beautiful woman. She needs to grab him by the balls like Vanessa did Kobe. She got two kids, so she ain’t worried.

    I hate the Heat tho lol. I respect Lebron and Dywane for their game, but that’s it. I just can’t with those dudes.

  3. I saw this story on another blog, and like many who posted commentary, I have to say this Bitch needs to mind her own damn business, she is a producer for NBC not fucking Mediatakeout, as someone said would she have aired Peyton Manning or Tom Brady out like this or is it just acceptable to make “the boogie man” Black man always look bad, like he is some type of sexual predator. I dont like King James and think he is a spoiled prick at times but this shit crossed the line of ethics and professionalism and her ass needs to be reprimanded or fired, she is not a gossip reporter. I got a hashtag for her ass- #noseybitch!

    1. I agree.She would’ve kept her mouth shut if it were Tom Brady or Peyton and Eli Manning.

      1. Well he is not White, so he doesnt get the benefit of the doubt.Especially after his buddy D Wade ‘s break baby scandal.
        Apparently the lady gave LeBron her business card so it may have been innocent.

  4. Playas gonna play. But seriously he need to fix his feet though, it so disgusting like every time I look at him or someone mention his name I think of his nasty ass feet.

    1. He’s a basketball player. Imagine yourself running up and down the floor 4 or 5 games a week for 2 and a half hours. These players get their toes and shit stepped on, they twist their feet, and they jump all the time.

      1. And????? And he makes a lot of money to go get a pedicure or manicure and a masseuse to fix that shit up. Please don’t make excuses for him.

    1. I wonder if she gave him her number. These rich athletes/doctors/movie stars, etc. work hard to convert their money into pussy magnets/traps and the women who sex them work hard to turn their pussies into ATM machines. It hardly matters if she gave him her number or not because if he wanted, he found another woman to bust a nut with before going home to wifey.

      On the other hand, maybe he wanted her number to trade recipes or play a game of Parchisi. . . Nah, not likely.

      Let’s see, his teammate Dwayne Wade got outside pussy and then a baby from that outside pussy. Adrian Foster got outside pussy and then a baby from that outside pussy. Is LeBron James next to join the “baby daddy” club. Nah. There are plenty of other guys who are jockying for that position. Heck, they are fucking now and they fucked months ago. The baby just dropped. And the baby will soon drop. The news will come out soon. Stand by for news!

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