What Does Draya Know About Jack’d?

drayajackdwell draya…

if you know anyone who is on jack’d,
please send their contact information my way.
all i ask is:

no queens
someone you would fuck
discreet preferred
all wolf aka top
body that would make me cum on site
oh and
most importantly:

thanks d!

lowkey: *sends my assistant to the control room*
*presses alarm*

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “What Does Draya Know About Jack’d?”

  1. How about they mind their business.The bitch-fits they throw when a dude wants to look through their phone and they have the nerve to wanna do the same back.No, the only way you’ll know he’s on Jackd is if you go through his phone without his knowledge.If you don’t want him going through your shit then don’t go through his.

  2. I’m actually down low top and Jack’d is wack now. All that’s on there is bottom of the barrel. It’s become BGC now

  3. I ain’t on Jack’d or any of them other sites and I still like niggas. I’m a ladies man too. Take that Draya lol.

  4. Really Draya!?! As if these men are going to readily admit they’re onJack’d. All this is going to encourage is an invasion of privacy and all the other mess that accompanies that

  5. For all of you saying that Draya is wrong for basically warning chicks that “hey you may need to check ya man cause he may be messing with dudes on the low too” i don’t see that issue.

    Now if it is a single dude who likes men and has the app on his phone then I think that yes a woman who he has no relation too as far as dating does not have the right to go through his phone.

    But if you are in a relationship with someone be it male/female I think that your partner does have the right to know.

    I understand that a lot of you, including me (reason why I am not dating cause ion want to be on the DL so I rather just be single until I can be honest with myself) are on the DL but I don’t think that it is right to blatantly have an app on your phone that is geared towards meeting guys when you are with someone or trying to get at a female who doesn’t know that you like men.

    1. I disagree.She said ask these “niggas.”Plural, meaning multiple.

      I agree with the part about telling them if you’re in a relationship but you shouldn’t even be on things liked Jackd if you’re in a relationship.

      1. Assuming that the “niggas” that she is talking about are still trying to get at women, still what is the issue.

        Why would a man have Jack’d on his phone where the app is solely for Men to hookup and try to get a women in the same token?

        Now you know that the majority of men who do mess with men and women are not telling women that they do, so is it ok for women to remain in the dark about their men messing with other men?

        Quick Story:

        My friends homegirl has a friend who she thought was “straight” cause he loved bitches and he even used to mess with her female cousin. Low and behold this dude has a Jack’d profile were he claims to be a verse-bottom.

        Now if my friends homegirl cousin would have came straight out and ask “are you gay/bi, 9/10 he would have denied it.

        So again, I’m not understanding what is the problem with asking dudes if they have jackd on their phone.

        Same as you asking someone you are trying to date if they knew any of your exes.

        And don’t take any offense i’m not saying you are wrong cause i do understand your point but I don’t really think her tweet is a problem unless she was trying to be vindictive.

        But you could also say that men who have jackd on their phone while with women are vindictive as well.

  6. Draya whats the App called that men can check to see if females have CPS cases for child neglect. I wonder is their a HOE App to see how many rappers, athletes, entertainment industry men a female has slept with. The hypocrisy of someone who has been alleged to participate in a little girl on girl action from time to time why is she worried. Stop hanging around all these messy ass Queens trying to school you while they do your hair, and pour you stale Tea about the gay lifestyle. Did your Dallas Cowboy Boo have Jacd on his phone? Im not here for HOES and their fuckery in 2014!

    1. “Draya whats the App called that men can check to see if females have CPS cases for child neglect.”

      She’s on Twitter while her son is prob. searching for food like people search for loose change. He seems like a good kid, he doesn’t deserve that Draya.

      I see nothing wrong with what she said, but I don’t like it coming from her.

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