Kordale N Kaleb Are Officially “The Hot Separated Dads” Now

d723b3ce86982a07bc1dc1beebebf457d754bf8bremember these kind folks?
the sexy gay dads have the gazillion cubs?
well they were engaged and now they’re kinda not.
they have ended their engagement.
an f-bi sent me the article from madam noire and well…
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The Sexy Gay Dads Dominate Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.41.41 PMis this the future?
thats what my f-bi asked me when they sent me the story today.
well it shouldn’t be a question.
it already is.
like the straights,
the gays are now building families and children.
not everyone is ratchet.
segway into meeting kordale,
and their two daughters
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