Kordale N Kaleb Are Officially “The Hot Separated Dads” Now

d723b3ce86982a07bc1dc1beebebf457d754bf8bremember these kind folks?
the sexy gay dads have the gazillion cubs?
well they were engaged and now they’re kinda not.
they have ended their engagement.
an f-bi sent me the article from madam noire and well…

Unfortunately, the gay couple known as “Kordale and Kaleb,” who rose to social media stardom after a photo of the two of them styling their daughters’ hair went viral, have decided to throw in the towel. In a lengthy Instagram post Wednesday, Caleb Anthony announced that their engagement has been called off.

“No matter what, these kids will forever and always be my [heart]! My love for them will always prevail even if ‘Daddy’ and I are no longer together. Truthfully, they are the ONLY reason I’m sad or regretting my decision to leave and move on,” Anthony shared in the statement.

It’s unclear specifically what caused the broken engagement, but it appears that the split is not an amicable one. Several times in the statement, Anthony accuses Lewis of disrespecting him and their relationship—including during their recent vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“I cannot sit here and act like I was not part of the demise of ‘KordalenKaleb,’ but at no point do I or anyone else deserve to be disrespected the way I was and to continue it on while we’re together as a family on vacation,” Anthony shared.

“I don’t want to be fifty-five resenting myself and my relationship for shit I was not man enough to stand up to in my prime years, so I’m happy I finally took this stand and I’m telling you to not be afraid to walk away when it’s not right,” he continued. “Love is a beautiful thing when it is with the right person. When that person isn’t leading you on, and he or she is TRUE TO YOU.”

Anthony adds that he still loves his longtime partner and wishes him the best. Earlier this year, the former couple and their three children were featured in Nikon’s I Am Generation campaign. The corporation has since commented on the news of Anthony and Lewis’ breakup.

“We are aware of the news and wish the best to Kordale, Kaleb and their entire family. We were happy to have them participate in our campaign and there were no plans to extend marketing efforts with any of the featured participants,” a spokesperson for Nikon told Page Six.

i am absolutely shocked.
is he stuck with all those cubs now?
its really sad that they didn’t make it.
i was rooting for them because it was such a positive story.
i hope it isn’t the typical story of cheating,
but there it seems like there is more to this story.
something tells me that they will come back together in the future




















…or am i just being way too optimistic?

blankstare-1i had to wonder tho,
as much as we are all out here looking for love

Can gays really be together for the long haul?

lowkey: whatever went down,
kordale is out of all of the pictures on instagram.
you know its serious.

article taken: madam noire

x stick around for kaleb’s solo journey

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “Kordale N Kaleb Are Officially “The Hot Separated Dads” Now”

  1. I didn’t send you this story because I didn’t think you wanted to hear about the breakup of a relationship.:)

    It’s sad they broke up I’m hearing Kordale cheated with some guy named Anthony the Weedman.Ya’ll know the weed guy is always trouble.LMAO.

    But seriously the kids are Kordale’s kids.Kordale is the one with the braids.I hope Kordale allows Caleb(bald one) to continue being daddy to the kids.It may get ugly because Caleb is the breadwinner.Kordale doesn’t work outside the home.He did write a book but he doesn’t have a steady job.I have been following the family on IG for a few years,so I am sad they broke up.Also they are very young ,Kordale had 3 kids by the time he was 18.They got custody of the kids when they were 21.So they were a gay couple with 3 kids before Caleb graduated college.This is why people need to sow their oats before starting a family.
    There is hope for gay relationships ,they are just more challenging especially when you are young IMO.They are gay Black couples who have been together 20,30 years.We have to remember 50 percent of straight relationships end in divorce too.

    1. Hi Y Colette, I don’t purport to have followed them as you have, but there is a story circulating that identifies Kaleb Anthony as the one with the locks and Kordale Caleb as the bald one. If you examine the picture of the kids, they resemble Kordale, the bald one.

      1. There is no Kaleb,Caleb Anthony is the bald one.Kordale Lewis is the dark one.I believe the mother of his kids is White or Hispanic.That’s why they don’t look like him.They used the moniker KordaleNKaleb on social media.I guess they use the K for Caleb because it looked better than KordaleNCaleb

    2. The weedman???? What’s up with people ruining great things with bottom of dumpster type trash. smh. I hope it isn’t true.

  2. I like your encouraging comments Y Collete.

    Unfortunately this reflected relationship of all types. Relationships like our grandparents are becoming a thing of the past. But as a same sex black couple, their relationship was under a microscopes.

    This situation is sad all around. But the sadder thing is I think the there will some gays/MSMs laughing and celebratory of the end of this relationship.

    PS: He didn’t have to put that on social media though. It’s really none of our business and it looks petty.

    1. He deleted all that stuff he wrote about the relationship on IG hours ago.Unfortunately when you post stuff and delete it it’ s never gone.People save it and re post it.I know he regrets posting it .

      1. Men who have Sex with Men who don’t identify as gay.
        I know it’s strange that I know this much about this subject but I used to volunteer with an HIV/AIDS.So I learned about MSM,SGL(same gender loving),all these terms so I could discuss HIV with men who reject the terms “gay or bisexual”

  3. Prime reason why I don’t idealize these social media relationships and make them the standard. There’s often a whole lot more going on.

    I feel sorry for the kids honestly.

    1. It’s not just social media relationships.I just learned the associate minister at the church I attend is divorcing his wife, who reads the announcements.Hell I thought they had a happy marriage.We never know what’s going on in other people’s relationships.

  4. Damn, not these two. I was definitely pulling for them and their family. As for the question regarding gay relationships, every relationship has issues, whether gay or straight. The chance for any relationship lasting long term is low, period. People grow apart, one partner regresses while other progresses. It happens.

  5. I am offended that this dude would air this out on Social Media and he says he loves his children. I am no dummy to believe all this happy and in love things I see on social media everyday. I got the receipts in my inbox on Facebook of dudes who hit me up who are in relationships all the damn time trying to be on some creep BS. This right here though is beyond tacky, he seems to be a scorned lover and wants to be messy. I guess when you live your life on social media, its only fitting that you break up on social media as well. This whole thing is very bitchy, and makes the children father look like he aint shit, which he may not be, but that is not his call to make, because one day these children might discover this being that things like this never go away. Some things need to be kept private, especially when children are involved. I read the whole statement he made and not just the snippet from this post, and it pushes the narrative that Gay dudes are messy and bitter. Changes and turns in relationships happen way before we ever see them played out, so when they were fronting for the camera’s they probably already had holes in the fabric that holds it all together. I am embarrassed for the children, that their “Dad” would disrespect their Father like this. Sometimes we have to be mindful of our own selfish agenda’s to gain sympathy and be in the spotlight and think about those who have no voice and their privacy and feelings. This could have been handled so much better than this.

    1. 100% agreed. These people need to have more consideration for their kids tbh. Well said.

      Though because their whole lives are on social media, its almost their responsibility to say something about their status on social media. Not saying I agree, and regardless of my social media status, I would still put my children first, but they were supposedly well known as the “gay example” or something so they couldn’t really get away with not saying something. People will hold you to it lol.
      He still could have announced it without coming across as bitter and messy etc so he has no excuse there.

      Social media is just a social trap.

  6. Another “social media relationship” gone down in the dumps. Don’t fall for their “happy tales” people. Smokes and mirrors!

  7. Gay relationships are VERY different from heterosexual relationships. Let’s be honest: most gay dudes (NOT ALL) are low key pessimistic, negative, shallow, egotistical, and vain. That’s why most spend hours at the gym, stick to strict diets, wear fancy clothes and shoes, and drive luxury cars they can’t afford. Most parade their degrees and accolades over the heads of others. They spend so much time trying to keep up appearances to keep up with the Joneses. Yet, you’re still single. MOST are single. The average straight married dude could careless about his appearance. If the moment a dude with a nice body or better face comes only, most gay dudes (NOT ALL) in relationships will seize the opportunity to cheat and think nothing of it.

    To make matters worse they take joy in seeing other gay relationships fail because they are lonely as well. Even when you drop your standards, you’re still single. No one is the right one. Yes, gay relationships are VERY different from heterosexual relationships. In a way gay dudes are like black women. No matter how much they do or what they have no one wants them. It’s really sad actually.

      1. Jamari, be encouraged and stay positive. Despite what I see around me, I seem to always know and feel that things are going to work out for the good. Be good to yourself in the meantime.

    1. Speak for yourself and your circle babe. How dare you reduce an entire group of people to a monolith? Life happens and things change regardless of who you are. So next time, before you share your opinion, take a moment to really think it through yea?😘

      1. ^…and they use words like “monolith” out of turn to seem educated. Grab a dictionary and thesaurus next time, yeah?

        I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was just stating the overall consensus. There are still great guys out there but we look over them because they don’t fit our high standards; Myself bring included. I live in a big city where discreet, gay, masculine, and in shape dudes are a rarity. Seems Everyone is jumping out of the closet with purses on their arms and waist trainers to match. No matter how good their personality is, I’m just not attracted to that stuff.
        Like Jamari, I’ve resorted to the company of straight dudes who may or may not like men to fill in that role of companionship. No matter how much I wanna throw myself at them I have to exercise discipline and self control and go jerk off.

        ….I apologize if anyone was offended. My statement about black women was uncouth and distasteful.

      2. “Like Jamari, I’ve resorted to the company of straight dudes who may or may not like men to fill in that role of companionship.”


        Told y’all…the supply of quality dudes is an issue, especially tops, as much as it hurt me to say that. Some of y’all sleep.

    2. @randle R, Bro you have shot them bullets and sadly some of them have landed at my own doorstep, though I dont drive a luxury car, wear fancy clothes, or throw my degree around-LOL! I have found myself having a negative attitude about gay life and not wanting to interact with most gay dudes for the very reasons you state above, and some dudes would probably say the same thing about me. Finding a Black dude who shares your same interest and outlooks and one you can be attracted too, has been like finding the elusive needle in the haystack. We are probably all suffering to some degree. One thing I wont do, is share my relationship with the world, these brothers were doomed from the start by seeking attention and spotlighting there relationship for others, the comments on str8 blogs have been brutal and downright nasty concerning their break up, I would never want to put my kids through nothing like that. You have spoke some hard truths in your post Bro about the state of gay men and you told no lies IMO.

      1. The comments on straight blogs are hateful because they hate gay men.It has very little to do with them been attention seekers.80 percent of the comments indicate they had never heard of them until they broke up.I have read the comments on most of the popular Black straight blogs.They are hated because they are masculine,Black and because they are raising kids.Many of the comments indicate they don’t like the fact that they are raising kids because think gay men are incapable of being great parents.Others are upset because they don’t look gay .So if they don’t look gay then maybe I need to rethink what gay looks and acts like.Most of the comments are brutal simply because they believe gay sex and gay love is disgusting in general.

        Kordale and Caleb were together six years, they were posting pics online and videos on YT, years before that bathroom pic went viral.They decided to do an interview to address rumors about their family,a few weeks after the pic made the news.I don’t see them as attention whores anymore than anyone who post family pics on IG.Most of their IG pics were of the kids ,school stuff,the dogs,grandparents,vacations,family stuff,etc.They did a handful of interviews in the last three years.Caleb never stop working 9-5,they didn’t do magazine covers or appear on reality shows.They campaigned for marriage equality in Georgia.Unless you followed them on IG,you wouldn’t know what they have been doing since 2012 when the bathroom pic was posted.
        They were pretty normal and ordinary.Just like many normal couples their relationship had problems,counseling didn’t help so they ended it.They got together when Kordale was 21,I believe.He had three kids by the time he was 18.They grew apart probably.Caleb said on IG yesterday that he was pretty for posting that stuff on IG.
        He made a bad decision in posting the letter about the break up.He deleted it shortly after but the damage was done.Now he has to explain his bad decision to his kids and his kids have to deal with the breakup of their parents relationship.

    3. I see your point and appreciate your candour in admitting you were wrong and spoke out of turn. And bro not trying to be pedantic or anything but if u checked out that thesaurus yourself you’d find that a monolith(‘Something having a uniform,massive, redoubtable or inflexible quality or character’), in the context of what we’re talking about, perfectly describes how you described gays and black women cos anything made up of different people with different beliefs and goals is unlikely to maintain a monolithic status. 😁
      Having said that, navigating the world of dating can be tricky so let’s all just find what works and do that.

  8. Oh okay, thank you! Is there a major difference between these men and gay/bi men? Do they exclusively have sex with men and not identify as gay?

    Because that sounds kinda, well…gay LOL!

    It’s just a way for these guys to deny their sexuality? Hm, that sounds interesting… these labels of sexuality (gay/bi) are rather confining/binding anyway.

    1. When the CDC( Center for Disease Control ) started tracking HIV/AIDS cases in the 80’s they created the term MSM.They realized there were a large group of men who had sex with men but would check no on the gay or bisexual question.So they decided to use the term MSM to reach those men who said they weren’t gay or bisexual.
      I have noticed on PORN sites like X tube a lot of those guys who have sex with men say they are straight on their profiles.Also I have noticed these extremely femme guys on Xtube claiming they are bisexual.I’m like,” really you are bi?” OK if you say so 🙂

      In my personal life I don’t really ask or inquire if a guy is straight because I know being” straight”doesn’t mean he doesn’t”get down with his homies”. So I ask about sexual behaviours rather than sexual identity.

  9. @ The Man I have a feeling there are more tops/verse out there but I feel like most of the guys who would be considered masc/top etc. would be harder to find because many of them may not even identify as gay/bi. They would not risk their reputation by being on chat sites etc. and hang around most straight people. They mostly assimilated into the crowd and there is no way to determine who actually is gay or not these days. They only make appearances when the right fox comes along under the right circumstances, which is really rare.

    I could be way off about this, but thats just my perception of it.

    Standards from the fox POV I’m sure would play a part. If you’re a top but not “masc” enough then many foxes wouldnt find that attractive due to many having shallow standards etc.

    I find it hard to believe that in the gay community there are like 20% tops who live them some booty lol and the rest are bottoms. I think like you said it’s supply and demand and while it may seem like more bottoms then tops, its more about availability. These masc/ muscle head top guys that many foxes dream about just don’t make themselves available for the average fox. If we want them, we literally have to be in their world.

    Idk, I could be wrong though.

    1. The problem lies that some gay believe that you are either a top or bottom. I believe the top and bottom percentage is about the same, but it’s rather the verses that dominate. But they are often delegated to being bottoms.

      1. That is another issue, You’re right. These categories are being used as identifiers as opposed to realizing the different quirks about ppl. Not every top acts/looks the same way, and same with bottoms. Too many generalizations and preconceived notions about what it means to be a gay man.

  10. CHURCH!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately the (especially black) gay community is full of hurt. Hurt begets hurt and there isn’t many strong individuals and role models to lead us.

  11. Yes gay relationships can last for the long haul. I know couples that have been together for decades. Also, there are relationships that last months or a few years. My relationship with my man (of 7 years) just ended, but it wasn’t a shock to either of us. It should’ve happened a long time ago.
    I still believe that if I find the right person, I could be with them for a long time.

    1. I am curious why you didn’t end it earlier? Did you feel pressure to appear to be a happy couple.I am asking because I know a gay friend who is unhappy in his marriage but he doesn’t want to get a divorce because he thinks it will reflect badly on gay people.He and his husband flew to Boston almost ten years ago to get married,they fought for marriage equality…He is trying to prove everyone wrong who doubted his marriage would last.

      1. Wow I can imagine how tough it is for him as an activist. Yes it was a partly “let’s prove the straights wrong and succeed in marriage”. I think a lot of people, especially younger people in their 20s and 30s have this pressure. Older gays have lived so long without marriage rights that they don’t feel the pressure so much. But it was also that I don’t like to fail at things, and I always hoped that things would get better. But they didn’t.

  12. Oh and some of yall need to stop being so pessimistic and self-hating. Hell it’s tough being gay, and being gay people of color, without having our own people in our own community/tribe hatin on us. We get enough hate from the straights. Let’s love and uplift each other.

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