No More Mr. Nice Fox

71R6N-+s31Lwhen i read something and it makes me cringe,
i have to share it with the foxhole.
when i say “cringe”,
i mean having to look at myself and not want to go live in a cave.
“no more mr. nice guy” by dr. robert glover
well its making a fox cringe.
i’m still reading it,
but it has pulled my card and i can’t say that i like it.
so this is how i found out about this book…

so i love reddit.
i usually get on reddit to find solutions to different problems i have.
there is always hidden gems you can pick up on reddit.
so i looked up today:

“how to stop being so nice reddit”

…on google.
a couple threads popped up.
they all mentioned “no more mr. nice guy”.
it was 9.99 on apple’s book store.

“why not?”

after reading a few chapters,
and doing the exercises,
this book has me looking at myself like:

you fucked up.
a lot.”

rs_500x281-140922150338-tumblr_inline_nblol1xaOq1qac925the book teaches you all that is wrong with being “the nice guy”,
how nice guys are also bad guys in disguise,
and its perfectly fine to say “no”.
its all pretty common sense to those who are “there”,
but some people are just not “there” yet.
they are giving way too much and left feeling empty.
well fuck that.
they need something to give them that “a-ha” moment.
i got a couple of them today.
this book shows me exactly where i go wrong.
this constant need to “be there for everyone”,
while neglecting myself and the pleasures i should be experiencing.
its hard to explain the book.
you can only explain it once you start reading it and see where you fuck up.

this book is not for everyone.
its actually for those who constantly bend over backwards.
the ones who say:

“i’m not appreciated”
“i did all this for that person and for what?”
“if i’m not there,
that person will leave me alone…”

i’m sure i needed it after this whole “work wolf” thing.
god wanted me to read this book.
i’m reading and learning:

a) where i went wrong
b) how i can make things better

so for those “nice foxes” and “nice wolves” out there,
it doesn’t hurt to check it out.
your inner werewolf is waiting to be released.
this book can help open the cage.

4067571-3799789882-a_560…who doesn’t like that?

no more mr. nice guy: itunes | google play

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “No More Mr. Nice Fox”

  1. Wow, I’m going to have to check this out. I’m always leaning on the “nice guy” side. I hope the book details how to navigate between being an asshole/being cold, and being assertive/assured/self confident. I feel like it’s natural for me to be very giving, but how do I guard myself against wicked niggas and users without being considered a jerk?

  2. I think I need this book in my life right now, I am at a stagnant place right now and I know a lot of it has to do with pleasing everyone but myself. I am so sick of holding the short end of the stick and being there for everyone else. I think I am going to find the hard copy of this as well as the Kindle. I need a serious wake up call, I need to cringe and take action because I cant go on too much longer in this place.

  3. Will be checking this out, I need something like this to help me figure out how to say no and mean it.

  4. I’ve never been that person. I’ve come to realize that most people are very self-righteous (which is okay to a point) and only care about themselves. So I usually don’t bend over (no pun) to always try to do the most for the next person, unless I’m really cool with that person

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