cedrick-kentrell “fought for his life” with the rona, but forgot when they opened up atlanta?

i’d imagine if you had the rona,
you’d be much more careful once you were let outside.
who “fought for his life” with the rona earlier this month,
decided to forget what he experienced as soon as they opened up atlanta.
this is what he posted on ig when he was diagnosed:


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Hey my fellow instagramers hope all you are taking care of your self. I have placed on home isolation for the next 7 days. Sunday night I started running fever, chills and having headaches. I contacted my primary care doctor @kofihamner on Monday And reported to his office; my temperature was 102 and administered the flu test; which came negative. Dr. Hamner, than contacted the piedmont emergency department. I was transported and treated for my symptoms. I was told that since my flu was negative it was possible that I have a upper respiratory infection that was cause by virus to include the COVID 19 and because of CDC guidelines I am placed for home confinement for 7days or 72 hours after my fever breaks without medical intervention which ever is longer. This shit not a joke I have pain throughout my entire body and I have had the flu before and this feel much worse… Please stay home, wash your hands, stop hugging and kisses these people… you never know… be safe and stay healthy. ❤️ @cedrickkentrell @cedentertainment

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after all of that,
cedrick-kentrell was spotted on a video in piedmont park at a bbq right after they opened ga.

someone grabbed this video from his ig stories of him explaining getting caught up…

i’d imagine he would be more careful since he “fought for his life” early this month.
hard heads tend to make soft tails tho.
when i got back from n.o and i was really sick,
i think i had it.
i was legit sick af for 2 weeks.
that was enough to scare me into wearing a mask at all times.
this isn’t just about my safety.
if i have it,
i can pass it on to someone else and kill them if they have a compromised immune system.
until this has completely gone away,
ima be laying low until further notice.

low-key: did he end up getting outed too?

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11 thoughts on “cedrick-kentrell “fought for his life” with the rona, but forgot when they opened up atlanta?”

  1. My brother was really sick in early February and when he named his symptoms: mucus build ups, body aches, fatigue, shortness of breathe I’m like bitch you had the Rona!

  2. I’m srry, this is gonna be an unpopular opinion BUT truthfully this social distancing, stay at home stuff is NOT gonna last all damn summer 🤷🏾‍♂️ People only have BUT so much patience and you think when this HOT weather gets here and these LONG days set in, that folks REALLY gonna be up in the house all day & night?! Chile PLEASE niggas is gonna be havin BLOCK parties if need be, we already goin stir crazy & it’s only been 2 months, imagine tryna carry this shit on in July…not gon happen, People Just STOP giving a fuck after awhile, I know its selfish but in the end all YOU can do is look out for YOU

    1. … the only problem with this “all you can do is look out for you” shit is that the virus doesn’t give a duck about any of that. I’m sure it’s plenty of people who we’re “looking out for themselves”, following all guidances and still caught it. You hit the nail on the head with the selfish statement but honestly, in my opinion, it contradicts looking out for yourself. If ppl really cared about themselves they’d be selfish and stay the fuck home. It really just shows how ignorant ppl are but I hope the wise ones are paying attention. Especially with some of these niggas y’all fall all over. Fuck around and end up having a respirator summer bc the nigga you can’t resist was “looking out for themselves”…

      1. Oh trust me I know it sounds trash, but I’m jus being honest, come the summer imma be over it, now I’m completely aware I have the advantage of being healthy & relatively young so that’s why I’m willing to gamble, if bars are open I’m prolly gonna go atleast a few times this summer, because I assume anyone else there is aware of the risk aswell, but I’m NOT gonna Be around anyone that I know dnt share that same fearlessness like my family, which is why I’ve only had FaceTime contact with them since late March

        1. Bryan, the virus is killing “healthy and young” people. Please, read up about it. Healthy, young people are coming down with blood clots that are causing heart attacks, kidney damage and strokes.

          NYC and NJ have seen tons of these as has Chicago and New Orleans. Please, do not be too blithe about this disease because while it might not seem that bad, it is far worse than anyone ever imagined. And it does kill. Especially Black folks, even ones who do not have “underlying health conditions.”

          Please, everyone, I know being cooped up in a house is no fun, and it’s horrible not having work or struggling to collect unemployment or rub together two coins to pay bills. But Rona ain’t playing. It is also causing lasting damage to people (destroyed lungs, enlarged hearts, brain/cognitive issues, kidney disease, etc.). So please, if you can avoid getting it but also avoid transmitting it, please do so. Stay close to home, wear that mask (even a homemade one is better than not), wash those hands and face and HAIR, and check in on friends and loved ones.

  3. It just baffles me how some of us can be so blind to the game that is played on us. Folks are so thirsty for a good time, they inadvertently risk their lives and the lives of others, all in the name of a good time. SMH

  4. People are selfish. He probably thought I am good, I already had the “Rona”.

    Without enough testing there is no way of knowing who has it or had it. Stay home!

  5. Blacks will be the Ginny Pigs for the cure, because white folk already know that blacks have more of the underlying issues, couple that with blacks also call each other the n word, and have come to show little to no respect to the race as a whole, Rona is most harsh to blacks, and blacks are most harsh to blacks, we have no respect for our family or others when we go out in a pandemic that hates us most, sad.

    1. Certain Blacks calling each other the “n-word” doesn’t have shit to do with a pandemic that could have been avoided if a WHITE capitalist government prepared for it in advance after being informed that it was spreading. People all over the world has died from this and yet the death if poor and disenfranchised and being blamed on the poor and disenfranchised as usual. Smh y’all kill me with this commentary all the time. Yet whites are out in droves across the nation and nobody saying shit

  6. As an Atlanta resident, this type of shit is infuriating. It’s just as bad as the Trump supporters protesting stay at home orders and injecting themselves with bleach. At some point people have to use their better judgement DESPITE WHAT THE DUMBASS GOVERNOR SAYS! If not for their own safety but for the safety of the people they will come in contact with after this tired ass tent party in piedmont. Especially since you already had the virus!!! Common sense really is an endangered species. Smh.

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