chris sails use to have an old gay keeping him cute?

is chris sails allegedly gay?
well that’s what clarence fonted on twitter.
i know you’re probably like “who?”.
it’s a couple youtube attentionistos who got into it yesterday.
so a little background:

queen naija use to be married to chris sails

they have a cub together
they were huge on the youtube chitlin circuit

they ended up breaking up over alleged cheating
they both sing
she got with attentionisto clarencenyc

she is currently pregnant by him
they are now huge on the youtube chitlin circuit

so of course,
there would be some animosity through the exes.
it came full circle yesterday on twitter tho.
a ton of shots were thrown,
but clarence revealed this

i mean…
there are gay males who’ll buy you shit cause you’re cute.
some of these straights don’t have to do anything.
chris does fit the “light skin” aesthetic most gays love.
i’m sure a tail like chris doesn’t hurt either:

weird for clarence to font about his alleged sexuality tho.
i heard about him and an alleged trans-vixen.
clarence shouldn’t throw stones if he has alleged secrets.
it’s low for queen to talk about her baby father like that too.
clarence even brought this up:

the whole beef:

i hope he knows how to fight.
that’s the type of shit that will get you pressed.
one of them will have the last laugh.
as samantha jones from “satc” put it:

i give queen and clarence a year after the baby is born.

lowkey: is youtube giving checks like this?
clarence went and got him a g wagon…

from mother’s basement to queen’s baby daddy.
must be nice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “chris sails use to have an old gay keeping him cute?”

  1. Yep, these gay men will do anything if you are attractive. I sit back and watch them lust and drool over straight men all day. It is very possible Chris could be straight, and is just gay for the money. If they are offering, you might as well use it to your advantage. Right?

  2. This Clarence dude gives religion and/or religious people a bad name. How you cell yourself God’s Plan and refer to people as “belovèd” then throw shade about yo girl’s ex sexuality? Then, to add insult to injury, you come for him being adopted as the reason he and his baby momma broke up?!

    I call bytch made nigga!!! And I would be REAL careful with the chick, too. If she disclosed her 1st baby daddy’s personal life to the new dude, what will she do to daddy #2?

    1. ^they never learn.
      queen seems to always spill once the relationship is over.
      clarence better be fuckin her brains out to keep that locked down after it ends.

      sidebar: she is obsessed with how clarence looks.
      her videos with how hungry she is for him are so cringe.

    2. Its not what you guys think it is yall dont know the full background of chris (not saying im taking up for him) but for clearance to say he was adopted and all was wrong but im not gonna say he can say that because chirs whould always cheat on queen and queen wasnt happy with their relationship did u see her facial expressions in their youtube videos yall have to learn how to stop thowing shade at clearance and queen their living their best life.
      Number 1 / queen is happy wit her realtionship now
      Number 2/ Chris put his hands on parker and cheated on her then she says he miss his ex
      Number 3/ chirs is just pressed about queen having a baby by clearance chris dosent want baby cj around him he got mad when cj called clearance “dad” then he stared throwing shade to clearance so he had the right to defend himself

  3. MAN! You didn’t know Jamari? YouTube is out here cashing out these lil mfers for making these stupid videos. Had me feeling some kinda way having to work and struggle

  4. i agree with The Man

    smh @ queen. she one of those females that tells whoever she’s dating or feeling at the moment EVERYTHING. thinking it gives her cool points. making her look “down”. i had to check a friend over this.

  5. Queen clearly has a types..I thought they were the same person lol I had to really look at the pics. Other than that Clarence is thrash for that comment about Chris’ parents, I really hate social media sometimes because it really shows you how low and insensitive some people can be…

  6. Yup that adoption comment is automatic grounds for paws being put on you. Queen aint even that cute tho 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. Social media really does show how bitch made some niggas are

  7. I didn’t even play the video once I saw Clarence’s tweet. That was more than enough for me. Clarence and “queen” are trash people.

    1. Oh to be lightskin and famous for nothing haha

      Grown men with SOMETHING in their head are too busy to flex for broke fans on social media

      Studies show if you talk about how well your relationship is going online, it will end shortly after. Happy people don’t need to tell you. Too busy up under each other, supporting each other, putting work in, to be putting on an act.

  8. That “beloved” took me out, and he have the nerve to bring up anybodies sexuality, lol. I wouldnt be surprised about neither one of them tbh. And that Queen definitely has a type, and Im not talking about lightskin, nice lip, tatted skinny dudes either. It reminds me of Black Chyna and her dating all them young boys with gay tendencies. If Queen dated a dl or bi-sexual dude before, she might do it again…maybe thats just the type of dudes she attract…those pretty boys who think they can do and fuck anyone they want as long as they get something out of it *shrugs shoulders*

  9. I just want to go back when the boys were boys and the men were men as the old song says. What in the entire Fukk is this messy shit. Str8 Pineapples are the new “Messy Gurls” and social media has exposed them for their works. Never again do they need to open up their mouths to speak ill of any gay dude. This shit right here is disgusting even if it is true. Hell I have bought a few fits and drinks for cute Str8 pineapples when I was young, Hell I am old now and know better but I know some of these old dudes dont mind sponsoring a young fresh piece of meat, I know several who do, and many times these dudes dont do anything sexual. Our shallow mindset allow for this foolishness of always wanting something young and fine in our eye sight or at our disposal. I really could not tell these dudes apart but whatever the case, I hope the first dude will just take the high road but he probably want because such is life in the social media age everyone feels that they got to be one up. I have never heard of any of them so good luck to them all.

  10. Man, I’m reading these posts and some of the foxhole know what the deal is they ain’t falling for it. It looks like she has a “type” likes to date. I don’t find either one of them sexually attractive and those beards. Lord please get this trend out of the way. Men these days are trying so hard to reclaim masculinity.

    Man the post someone put about how dudes used to act like dudes hit me so hard. There was a time you would never see men acting like this. Some guys are still like that but the dudes today. Folks be quick to say, “Men are opening up.” and I just be shaking my head.

    What’s really happening is dudes are becoming more like females and feel like they need to be pampered and most disgusting are the personality types that think they are too cute to work. 😷

    Raise my son and daughter to take care of themselves and don’t spoil money on folks cause they think are cute, spend money on folks that are genuine and trying to do something for themselves that will give it back.

    I say respect anyone wether they are straight, gay, trans, black or white, that works hard for they stuff and not looking for a handout or expects to get something, male or female.

    As far as that woman is considered above, I noticed some folks are meant for each other and stick to a certain type. Can’t fault them for that. Kudos to them.

    I’m glad non of the foxhole frolics in the folly… Let me get back to my work desk and thank about that chicken I’mma bake tonight..I got sum proper seasoning this time..last time I felt like my life was missing something…put some olvie oil so the breading can stick and let it hit the oven. I’m ready to get off and go home….

    I’ll allow it!!!

  11. When mofos learn the rules of usage for “your”, “you’re”, “their”, “there”, and “they’re” (esp when THEIR dumb asses tryin’a throw shade) the world will be a much better place.

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