ladarius marshall is getting all the attention over his cheerleading

male cheerleaders are in.
for some,
it’s all about school spirit.
i think it’s to get closer for some (pre)baller wolf pipe.
it’s one of the many “thot” jobs one does to get close to good meat.
the following story might be different.
everyone meet ladarius marshall,
a male cheerleader for navarro college down in texas.
a video of how he cheers went viral on facebook.
a foxholer sent me about how ladarius gets all eyes on him

his cheer style made him stand out and got him noticed.
sounds like a “win”in this social media era.
i’m a little confused why that went viral tho.
 i thought he would be doing full beyonce choreography or something.
the “gotcha” is he could be doing it to get close to all the vixens.
that is easy access to infiltrate all the pussy.

don’t sleep on a well thought out and acted scheme.

lowkey: any male cheerleaders in the foxhole with some good stories?
i’d like to hear if ya’ll got baller wolves that way.

video cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “ladarius marshall is getting all the attention over his cheerleading”

  1. If he is acting to get some pussy give him the lifetime Achievement Award from the Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and Daytime Emmy Awards because he is that damn good.
    You did not even believe that when you wrote it.. lol

    1. You just dont know how loud I have hollered at this comment @MIKA OMG I got tears in my eyes. I am not sure either how this stood out, but I give him props because he is very athletic to be able to toss those Becky’s like that requires strength and skill. I am almost positive that he has as many numbers of football players as his female counterparts and a wolf body under that fox fur LoL.

  2. I was asked to be a cheerleader but I turned it down cause I was too shy but I think he is too overdramatic with all the Poppin and throwing…He doing way too much.

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