nicki minaj destroys cardi b and leaves her reputation leaking

this is a pretty dope shot.
if this was a real,
i’d be interested in what she was selling.
back in the 90s,
when artists had beef,
there was a whole lot of pressing going on.
folks would show up at studios ready to box.
there was no phone cameras back then.
it was “i heard” and “lemme tell you what i saw”.
nowadays tho,
a pineapple will have the whole shit in their photos album.
so as you know,
nicki minaj and cardi b nearly came to blows last weekend.
animals in every forest watched that playback everywhere.
cardi already ( x addressed her side ) on ig.
nicki minaj used her latest platform,
“queen radio”,
to address hers.
this is what she had to say…

well played nicki.
well played.

she turned the tables on cardi real quick.
she brought up:

postpartum depression
her fucked up relationships with jackals
the beef with those vixens who alleged fucked offset

how white folks was judging
her whole life

nicki was pretty much looking  down on her.
nicki is the type to ruin you with words than fists.
even tho nicki isn’t innocent in her past behavior:

…uh huh,
i had a feeling she would make cardi look stupid.
cardi can’t be out here acting like the “lhhny” vixen anymore.
this ain’t the bx sweetheart.
she in a whole different forest.
the whole word is watching her every movement now.
even tho she is the “people’s choice” at the moment,
that can quickly get snatched if she don’t get it together.
i feel “they” are using her to bring down nicki,
but cardi is way too ghetto and uncouth.
she better learn how to play “the game” quick and soon.

lowkey: even aunt wendy had to drag cardi…

nicki won this one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “nicki minaj destroys cardi b and leaves her reputation leaking”

  1. Sad indeed.

    Nikki is like a hurricane all over Cardi B, it’s like clockwork. I still think Cardi is a problem though. I’m amazed she even has fans since she hasn’t really did anything noteworthy??!?! 🤔..Hurricane Nikki strikes again.

    Speaking of hurricanes….are you aware of all these judgement warpholes out in the Atlantic atm, one is a Category 4 heading for the Carolinas? If it makes it that far I wonder what’s been going on there to get a Cat 4 heading from them and a “high pressure” (angel) is supposedly blocking it from diverting its path ATM.

    The hurricane that was comming for my city bypassed us completely and it didn’t even rain and I got a free day off with pay. I hope whatever is going on there gets resolved. There are two more behind it and one expected to form in the Gulf with a projection for Texas…

  2. a lot of people seem to be riding with cardi. all i’ve been seeing is nicki scary & cardi is a real one smh.

    but wait, i read faith evans and mary j had a fight the same night?! wth loool

  3. The talking shit is one thing, but Cardi went too far. I don’t know who she think Nicki is. Before the plastic Nicki was out here thuggin in these streets. The bitch is from Young Money. Who she think she runnin up on? I bet money she’ll come out looking like who did it and what for every time.

    Cardi don’t give a fuck about any repercussions for black people.

  4. baby… this is getting hot.

    i expect cardi to release a diss soon, she’ll expect people to love it like they did remy. she’ll probably get some life off it, simply because nicki is at the top and people hate it.

    and then nicki will release hers and it will slaughter cardi. people will realize that lyrically… knoti can’t take. that will be the downfall.

    i’m telling you, in two years… cardi will be back on reality tv and nicki will be defending her throne when a newer femcee comes along.

    iggy tried.
    cardi tried.
    fads come and go, but talent sticks. say whatever you want about nicki, she’s made it this far for a reason.

  5. Nicki aint ending no one, this broad was salty over this girl from the beginning…especially when she started to put out banging music and gathered number 1s. That hoe is an insecure, passive aggressive bitch. Trying these hurt White woman tactics aint working for the culture. No one is riding Owhacky but her stans. She even went at Travis for blocking her from getting a number 1 album. You have to be current and powerful in the industry to cause a setback to a rival artist….she is neither.

    Shes on the verge of being in the class of those old wash up rappers she used to shade on the come up.

  6. I’m a lil Kim fan but I am team Cardi! That despicable woman been coming for that girl for no reason at all since the beginning and enough was enough. You been disrespecting females before you and after you and you think it is okay to talk smack like you are about that life. In reality you are not. I am for beating a person the fuck up because as a cancer I let you slide numerous times before I even address you. So I skip the postpartum and all the foolery you guys giving her and let it be known that Nicki is an evil person. Female rappers have been saying she is not a nice person from rip

  7. I’m glad she aired out this guttersnipe. People came up with umpteen excuses for Cardi that night because they all knew how stupid she looked that day. Nicki left, lumpless, with both of her shoes and dress still intact. Cant say the same for the other one. Only a hoodbooger would call Nicki “pussy” for what she did. If anything people would have attacked her even more had she fought like an animal at her age. For many people Nicki is wrong on all ends and just can’t win with them so whatever she does will be criticised by them. However Nicki came out with the W, the other girl came out with the L.

    How you starting fights only to end up with a lump and the other person left unscathed?? Bitches really trying to fight people who have 5+ security guards around them #BirdBrain

    Where was Cardi’s energy like this for those Crips who were after her ass? Fake ass poser. She aint about nothing. She’s just a big child who had a tantrum.

  8. Meh, I don’t like either of them and neither of them are shit. Like the Trump and Clinton election, i’m just in the front row with popcorn and there for the fireworks.

  9. Cardi b will be number 1 next week for a third time
    Nicki is mad,sad and feeling bad..thinking of the things that she never had.

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