can we font about insecure “high-like” episode real quick?

i haven’t laughed this loud in a while.
i needed it.
tonight’s episode of insecure,
was probably the best episode of the season.
the squad took the turn up to coachella and the antics tho…
it was pure shenanigans as only issa could bring.
i’m gonna give a few thoughts

– does lyft pay that good to be issa new job tho?

– loved seeing her old blood neighbor.
issa always shows love to actors from her “awkward black girl”.

– i felt her on looking at the unanswered text.
i do that.

– why would they even invite a pregnant tiffany on this trip?
she can’t drink or be “classy reckless”.
i know she felt left out in that turn up.

– why were my drug experiences not like that?
the last time i did drugs was with work wolf.
it brought out my whole paranoia and insecurity.
maybe i’m not doing it with folks i genuinely feel comfortable with?

– when nathan was touching issa body as she was high >>>

– watching that episode made me miss star fox (rip)
i miss his friendship.
if that was us taking a “fox” trip together,
we would be fuckin shit up in la.

– kelly is low key the best supporting character on that show.
when she got tased,
i laughed so damn loud…

– i cringed when molly threw her good coat on the ground.
the bugs!

– molly looked fly af at the pool.
that outfit was her.

– listen,
i would have smashed a whole nathan on that ferris wheel,
but where are the condoms?
it looked like he didn’t pull out either,
so i know that nut was traveling to it’s destination.

– nathan’s love scene with issa was cute.
he was suckin on the titty and everything.

– nathan can do me all day,
but i feel like he is a scammer or something.
his crew looked real dusty.

– he’s backkkkkkkkkk…

might i add,
he is trending on twitter since his arrival?
the #lawrencehive is back in formation.

i loved how they tricked up into thinking he was gone.
exes do come back tho.
they always find a way in after time has passed.
that doesn’t always mean you unlock the door tho.

– imagine having 3 sexy ass wolves in your roster tho?
and now a “maybe” lawrence?

i wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

– chad is a low key snack.


i hate that “insecure” is only 30 minutes.
i also hate this season is coming to an end soon too.
we should get at least get like 12 or 13 episodes.
maybe it’s better with 8?

13 thoughts on “can we font about insecure “high-like” episode real quick?

  1. Issa has a real choice between 3 beautiful complex Black men. Decisions lol 😆 there’s something obscure about Nathan tho …the fact that is friends sell drugs is telling

  2. Honestly this season has been a bit boring, but Sunday’s episode reassured me why I kept watching!
    SN: Kelly needs a spin-off

      1. It would be so cutting edge for her to be diagnosed with HIV, have to tell Lawrence, Daniel, Nathan and I’m sure a new random that hasn’t even hit the scene yet. What story line if she shoes black women can get it and then she lives with it…the shoe could really get real and send a message

  3. This was far and away THEE best episode. Mainly because it touched on so many things; Issa’s fear of her career future, a budding relationship, Molly trying to balance work/social life, Tiffany letting her bougie down and expressing her fear of being left behind, and Kelli just being raunchy, high Kelli. This episode was relatable on soooo many levels. I know it was for me. Lawrence making his appearance looking all sexy and moisturized and whatever, had me feeling a way down under lol. Knowing Issa, the smallest details usually have a deeper meaning down the road. The condom-less sex could prove to be a pregnancy scare in future episodes. BTW Jamari, comedies should NEVER be longer than 30 minutes. If you notice, all of the hit comedys shows in history were all 30 mins. Once you start going into a full hour of comedy, it becomes exaggerated and the storyline gets stale. 30 mins leaves u wanted more. This show is so perfect.

    1. ^you fonted that!

      you’re right on the 30 minutes.
      i wish we could get longer seasons then.
      i really hate when this show leaves,
      but i find myself yearning for its return.
      i guess she is playing it right then 😂

  4. This season has been great so far. I appreciated the character building/ slow burning episodes. Tonight’s episode was hilarious and I was shocked to see Lawrence again. Issa has three very attractive, different men in her life, and it’s going to be hard to pick one. I’m looking forward, as usual, to the next episode. And yes, Kelly is the MVP of the supporting characters.

  5. You could not have said it better, Jamari! Kelly is hilarious and Nathan could have fucked me poolside…LOL. This episode is a repeat-watcher for me.

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