did shawn wells debut someone else’s sex leakage? (again?)

how are you gonna be a sexy cat fish,
but like,
in reverse tho?

i don’t even get it.
is his pipe trash?
is he even getting pussy?
does he love himself?
i have a ton of questions.
so shawn wells is an alleged pipe smuggler out here,
but i guess he’s turned to alleged sex tapes now.
so he debuted an alleged sex tape on his “onlyfans” like so…

…but a foxholer alerted me like so:


so is he “smashoff” on pornhub too?
according to shawn,
there seems to be a clone of him running around.
he posted this in a recent post:

thank God he is working on getting ya’ll money back!
nothing is worse than not getting what you paid for.

lowkey: he needs to show his whole face in whatever he posts next.
this is getting a little…

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “did shawn wells debut someone else’s sex leakage? (again?)”

  1. Is he serious? That man in the video has a completely different body type…he must think that people are stupid out here…maybe he thinks we’ll be blinded by the duck and not take notice of the skinny legs and lack of muscles…

  2. I’m confused. If the fake page is not him, how could he help get people’s money back. Does he know who created the “fake” page?

  3. This guy is pathetic.I can’t stand a thief even for something as trivial as this.I’m tempted to go on his page and “out” him but it’s none of my business,not my money.☺

  4. I was cutting some potatoes for French fries this is afternoon and I was reading this post and just shaking my head thinking that he know he wrong for that but that’s all I’mma say but at the same time, I couldn’t fault him because most of those subscribers will still subscribe just because he is sexy.

    Heck, when Khalil Wells was scamming people and actually had folks saying they never received anything but he took the money. He had a plethora of excuses and was still generating hundreds to a thousand likes cuz he fit and naked. Sad.

    I’m glad non of us foxholers are foolishness enough to chase digital guys on a fantasy subscription page and fall for their idiotic schemes.

    Those other folks…Lord bless em with a man soon..Lord…bless them. 😂

  5. Damn we have come full circle, the Str8 Boyz are now Bona-Fide Stunt Queens. Truly living in the Last Days. Well he commented on the last post that you bet not post any of his stuff or he will shut you down, I wonder will he come back and explain this. Damn boys like this use to all work at UPS now they are throwing that ass in a circle for rent money.

    1. ^im sure he won’t come back to explain this one.
      it’s weird because he is in the army.
      i’m sure they get paid a good amount of money to do that.
      i’m so confused why he even went this route of cat fishing…

  6. I @-ed him on his Instagram asking why he was stealing other people’s content for his OnlyFans last week and he deleted the comment. Then I said it AGAIN and he blocked me. I’m sick of his ass. I used to go hard for him. He probably still sounds out his words with his finger one syllable at a time. I hope he flops.

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