ya’ll really hate jk rowling huh?

you know,
i only watched 3 harry potter movies so far.
i can’t even remember the 3rd one (hell, all of them).
i’ll need to revisit on a future date.
i know many of ya’ll read the books and watched the movies,
but almost everyone has turned on the author,
jk rowling.
it seems many within the trans community have turned on her.
i didn’t know why until i caught up about it —> ( x here ).
she has been “canceled” depending on who you ask,
but folks still showed up at her house to randomly protest as of recent.

“Don’t be a Cissy”?

they legit had her address exposed in ^that picture they took.
those 3 individuals got dragged for being so wreckless and it caused jk to speak out

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cardi b calls out nicki minaj on ig (assemble the barbz)

so cardi b is directly addressing nicki minaj on her ig.
right now-now.
here is what cardi has to say in a slew of ig posts
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nicki minaj destroys cardi b and leaves her reputation leaking

this is a pretty dope shot.
if this was a real,
i’d be interested in what she was selling.
back in the 90s,
when artists had beef,
there was a whole lot of pressing going on.
folks would show up at studios ready to box.
there was no phone cameras back then.
it was “i heard” and “lemme tell you what i saw”.
nowadays tho,
a pineapple will have the whole shit in their photos album.
so as you know,
nicki minaj and cardi b nearly came to blows last weekend.
animals in every forest watched that playback everywhere.
cardi already ( x addressed her side ) on ig.
nicki minaj used her latest platform,
“queen radio”,
to address hers.
this is what she had to say…

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