When You Fonted Your Death Into Existence

i don’t know anything about rapper hyena wolf,

i don’t even know how to pronounce his name.
my guess is it’s “extension”,
minus the cord?
i do know that there is power in the tongue and font.
look at what he put on his twitter around this same time last year…

…and he got what he asked for.
xxxtentacion was murdered this afternoon.
( x see video on tmz )
hiphop heads are weird tho.
they love when rappers beef,
because it’s hip hop,
but confused af when one (or both) die as a result.

lowkey: i just read how problematic he was.
i don’t feel sympathy anymore.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “When You Fonted Your Death Into Existence

  1. So weird. Was just looking at his looking at his little ass GIFS on my tumblr timeline. Too soon, but nowhere near shocking. RIP.

  2. No matter how problematic he was it’s still sad to hear that at 20 years old he’s no longer alive.

  3. I really don’t have anything to say. I didn’t know him. I won’t be super disrespectful liked some of the Twitter gays are being. It is what it is.

  4. He was young, misguided and caught up in drama as most of us were at age 20. Prayers for the family and may he rest in peace. Tragic nonetheless

  5. I do feel bad that he was gunned down & the video is online but i honestly after hearing how fucked up he was (homophobic, abusive & violent, plus anti black woman) I just can’t be empathetic to him.

    I know empathy is a thing but im just not going to give it to a dude that almost killed a gay guy for looking at him wrong & instead of apologizing after changing he just says move on cause he’s a real really nice guy now.

  6. I learned about this on YouTube of all places. YouTube apparently has a LIVE feature like Facebook and Instagram. The broadcaster showed his dead body in the BMW before police arrived. He was still sitting behind the wheel with his head tilted to the side. It appears his mouth and eyes were wide open as he sat there dead and lifeless. Sorry for the graphic descriptions but this is real life.

    I couldn’t name any of his songs because I’m obviously not his targeted demographic. I’ve only known of this young man because of his photos and news stories he appeared in…..most of which were negative.

  7. I feel the same way you do in the lowkey. I checked around on lipstick alley and they going in on this dude. Crazy how you can spread so much negative energy that a majority of people are giving their condolences with a ‘but he still wasn’t shit so….’ at the end of each one. Can’t say I disagree.

  8. I don’t know his music, didn’t know his background or history but I feel sorry for him because he was young, 20 years old, and killed in another senseless act of violence.People say he was violent misogynistic,homophobic,etc but so were many men before they matured and evolved.One prime example is a rapper who released an album with his wife a couple of days ago ,Jay Z.I feel sad that this 20 year old didn’t live long enough to possibly evolve into a better man RIP

  9. I never heard any of his music but i heard about him and he seemed like a nasty dude who didn’t like women and gay people. For that, i don’t feel any sympathy for him. He brought this upon himself.

  10. Hmm. I’m not so sure people should be somewhat celebratory of his death. Negative action plus negative action doesn’t equal postive resolution. I have no idea who he was and as usual only found out about him through the blog.

    Twenty years old is pretty young. Usually when stuff like this happens I get into a sort of an ummm keep my mouth shut mode.
    It’s no doubt the negative forces he released built up and washed over him which caused his death but it’s sorta strange that even though he’s gone, the negative forces are still swirling about him through other people.

  11. His death was very unfortunate, but I cannot sit here and pretend as if he was the best person ever. I am not celebrating his death or anything like that, but when you live as reckless as he did, this being the outcome should not even be a shock.

  12. Being problematic isn’t a justification for death…😬a lot of kids troll online because they see bad behavior as a means to become rich fast, they’re misguided. so sorry for his mother burying a baby. That’s another young brotha and this just happened…y’all shock me with the callousness. Sad world

  13. My great granddaddy always said you mess with trash it’ll get in yo eyes. This is a prime example. I never heard even one of this dude’s songs but heard numerous reports of his abuse of women, a gay man, praising Dylan Roof, and saying death to darkskins jus to name a few. With all that I’m jus rather indifferent to his death. It is interesting to see so many celebs jump on the bandwagon to make him some sort of martyr tho when many of them admit they didn’t even know him. And as far as the “he was young he could change” angle, just stop. He was a grown adult at 20 and knew what he was doing. Going off what ifs just to sanitize his image is a bit irresponsible to me.

  14. I don’t give two FUCKS what the snowflake sensitive “twitter gays” or the SJW’s of social media have to say, he did NOT deserve to go out like that. I’m so over this internet culture where people like to stand on their online soapboxes and demonize people for their past actions, baring in mind this guy was a teenager living in juvenile centres who grew up without parents when he made many of those mistakes.

    This has to be the first “celebrity” death that actually shook me up because I was a fan of this man’s music, we’re part of the same generation so I do keep a good eye out on the new age rappers of today. I watched him grow and try to make positive influence in others lives and my heart honestly sank when I read that he died.

    The guy was really talented, he wasn’t perfect and people can say what they want about him or his music but he had a HUGE demographic out there who his music touched. I would watch his videos and interviews and see that he was just a troubled guy who had many childhood issues that affected him to this day but most of all what I saw was an INTELLIGENT well spoken young man with a lot of potential. He wasn’t filtered and all polished but he had good intentions and thats what drew people to him despite the media smear campaigns. He wasn’t the best person but theres people out there who saw good in him.

    I was really looking forward to his 3rd album this year and just his growth in the industry in general. His music will always hold a place in my playlist because his versatility is unmatched when it comes to these other rappers of his generation.

    The fact that he was only 1 year younger than me even hurts me also, 20 years old. He’s seen so much yet hasn’t seen most of what life comes with also. Just fucking unfortunate.

    Rest in peace Jahseh. I’m still in shock.

    1. I have no clue who this guy is. I’ve seen the comments regarding what he’s said and done in the past. Not for nothing…but there are many guys out here that grew up in shelters/foster homes/and some were even homeless, and they managed to turn their circumstances around. Got jobs, went to college, graduated with degrees, etc. They didn’t let their circumstances dictate their lives/lifestyle.

      This dude knew right from wrong, knew the circles he ran with would come back to bite him in the ass. He continued to live dangerously. If he knew the people around him weren’t about shit, why continue to associate with them? More than likely they were there for what he could give THEM, a party boy lifestyle, not for what they could do for him (at least some of them).
      At what point do you say ok, I gotta stop this foolishness?

      You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Guess he didn’t think the person he was taunting woudn’t do anything.

      Now this other rainbow haired character that’s out there…he’d better be careful.
      I hear he has people gunning for him too behind his foolishness.

  15. I’ll be honest: I didn’t feel anything when I heard he was killed. He was a walking shitshow. Some people are just fucked up and get the energy they put out. All the non-SJW/non-Twitter/non-sensitive people (interesting how those tables turn) can die mad about it.

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