The World is Yours.

People kill for it.
People kill themselves because they couldn’t get it.

One word that makes you intimidating and opens you up to anything your heart desires.


I have always said that gay men can be dangerous with a little power.
I mean straight men go wreckless when they have it,
so why can’t Foxes and Wolves enjoy the fruits of their labors?

You ever notice that when a man, who likes other men,
gets into a situation where he has some kind of pull (manager, boss, talent agent, producer… whatever) … he stays pulling all the fine men?

I mean he goes from fucking (or not fucking) ordinary cats to now:

models, rappers, sports stars, and even aspiring actors.

Just ask Tyler Perry, Diddy, or any white man working in Hollywood.

You could be as ugly as the bottom of Whoopi Goldberg’s feet.
As long as you have the “something” that can help people get¬†somewhere,
all these so called “straight” men will be dropping their drawz for a piece.

Do you think that if these powerful men worked in Target as,
oh I don’t know,
the Health and Beauty aisle or even in Macy’s in the Men’s department…

Do you really think they would be pullin’ these fine ass dudes?

Probably not.

Bet you if they became the managers of those departments ,
their swagg would skyrocket 10 fold and they would have the attitude it takes to win.

When your name goes from ordinary to somebody,
you have the ability to get dick, ass, or pussy just by one conversation.
Power turns good boys and girls into nasty whores,
especially if the ending transaction involves something good as the outcome.

A career boost, a new Gucci purse, or even just to say you did it…
They all come from power.

I know people who know people and they all tell me the same story:

“Such and such on television right now was so wack when he was a nothing,
and now…. I want to blow him

Well not the end part (sometimes. I do know some hoes)
But the part about them being wack or corny.
I know a girl who went to school with Devin Thomas,
and she was telling me that no girls was giving them the time of day.
He was “the class clown no one took seriously”.

(I would have been letting him get the cakes anyway!
Those hoes were stupid and now they want him?
Dumb asses.)

Even as I grow with this blog,
I am establishing some kind of power within the community.
Sooner than later,
the ballers will get wind and then BOOM.

So Foxes,
what are you doing for your heart’s desire?
Are you willing to go the extra mile… or stay stranded on the road?

Maybe it is time to start the thought process that you ARE powerful.
I know my Foxes have some kind of career goals in their future plans.
I know that you want to own or be something.
You maybe alone for a bit but it does get better.

Imagine being able to fuck that… because of a little power?
I see you getting hard (or to my female Foxes: wet
) over there…

Well it starts now.


3 thoughts on “The World is Yours.

  1. It is definitely a “you get something… but you lose something” type of game. These celebs who get to fuck whoever they want, should know that they are only getting the drawz because of what they are, and not who they are.

    There is definitely another side to the coin but it is how you handle it when it lands.

  2. Lol, No one was giving Devin Thomas the time of day in high school? Excuse me? I’m going to assume he was not always this fine and blossomed into the man he is today. If not, and he always was this fine, those bytches were dumb and once again have no right to complain. They had their chance! And i wonder how much of the perks that come with this so-called power have to do with a new sense of self confidence. They may be attracted to what you give off or as opposed to who you are as a person. Like they aren’t fuckin’ you, they’re fuckin’ your clout, job description, title, paycheck.. etc.

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