Meat of The Minute: Brandon Marshall

Well, what do we have here…

I literally bumped into his fine ass while rummaging through Hoodsworld.
I am happy I did because Brandon is definitely a WOLF in training:

Brandon Marshall.
Future fuck buddy and plays for the Miami Dolphins.
Nickname is: The Beast.

.... that gave me a chill down my spine....

he is a wide receiver and was drafted from UN of Central Florida
to the Denver Broncos where he was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

Currently resides in The Fox hole during his off season.




Well he has a girl.
That’s his choice.


… but it seems like The Beast is also a bad boy.

Google is your friend all his off the field offenses.

All the good ones are getting arrested…. or have anger management issues (as The Beast so clearly has).

Which means he probably goes IN when make up sex goes DOWN!

...another chill. 

Later Foxes.
Enjoy the weekend.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. You know Devin aint goin to like this. and when he finds out about brandon he’s goin to drop your ass and i’ll be right there slobbin on devins dick.

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