The (Hard)Working Results of Omar Bolden

ya know…
i’ll be minding my business on tumblr and fine wolf will drop down my timeline.
the latest is nfl baller wolf,
omar bolden,
who is a currently a free agent.
he played ball for the denver broncos for 4 years.
well when i saw this
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FACIAL: (25)

tumblr_nwulw1NXQl1rj71puo1_1280sidebar: i LOVE this look on him!
he looks very masculine and sexy.
i always thought baller wolf for the broncos,

emmanuel sanders,
was super handsome.
we definitely deserve his facial in the foxhole.
here are a few more…
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Bradley Roby Gives His Alleged Hoes Good Seats?

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.03.22 PMwell bradley roby has interesting taste in ratchet pussy.
don’t all baller wolves?
as a baller wolf for the denver broncos,
i’m sure he has quite a few in his roster.
well according to baller alert,
he invited a popular atl stripper to watch him play last week.
everyone meet sade bagnerise
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Top Shelf Wolf: Cody Latimer

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.12.40 PMsooooooo…
i remember seeing cody latimer on the 2014 nfl draft.
when i saw him,
i thought in my head:

“who the HAYLE was that???”

i had to write about him,
but i completely forgot.
so many baller wolves; so little time.
well now is the right time…
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The Spankin’ Heard Round The World #superbowl

yTSAW0YibpCbzdXPgKs8Kthis is such an embarrassing game tonight.
36-8 tho?
like that 8 JUST happened.
i can’t.
on lighter news,
the seahawks are going to get some good pussy/booty tonight!

lowkey: this has GOT to be the worst superbowl in a long while.

Premium Meat of The Minute: Alvin Bowen

brown sugar babeee….

everyone knows i like chocolate.
so when i saw this baller wolf,
who was covered in chocolate,
i figured, “why not?“…

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